The evolving role of AI in knowledge management

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April 24, 2023

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Recent advances in AI-powered chatbot technology will change the way humans interact with applications and machines. AI will likely boost current IT Service Management (ITSM) chatbot capabilities and directly affect how knowledge management will be provided in the future.

Let’s look at how AI in knowledge management is affecting content creation, management, and access.

AI will change how knowledge is managed

AI will enable IT knowledge management systems to automate and optimize content creation and curation. At the same time, it will improve search capabilities and provide advanced analytics for knowledge administrators. This will help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT knowledge management processes.

AI language models are trained on large data sets of knowledge, allowing them to learn from previous interactions and adapt to changing contexts. As end users interact with chatbots to gain information, they’ll be able to provide feedback in real time. AI language models will continuously learn from user interactions and feedback, becoming more effective over time.

These language models will keep knowledge data current by dynamically updating responses to reflect the latest information, including updates to policies, procedures, and regulations. Although AI language models will be effective, it’s important to have human oversight to ensure the knowledge provided is accurate, relevant, and aligned with organizational goals and values.

AI will change how knowledge is accessed

For end users looking for assistance by searching knowledge base articles, traditional knowledge management solutions can seem static and one-dimensional, making it difficult to answer questions that require clarification. When users are unable to resolve their issues because knowledge management articles aren’t relevant or clear, they’re forced to open a ticket with the IT help desk.

The cost savings associated with self-service support can be substantial. Enabling self-service helped Israel-based software provider NICE save $450,000 in one year and open cases eight times faster.

Organizations that invest in effective knowledge management solutions can benefit from improved efficiency, lower staffing costs, and faster issue resolution.

Organizations that invest in effective knowledge management solutions can benefit from improved efficiency, lower staffing costs, and faster issue resolution. To help reduce the number of calls to the help desk, there’s been a significant shift toward interactive solutions, such as chatbots.

AI-powered chatbots, such as ChatGPT, have the potential to disrupt how knowledge management is accessed and reduce the need for human agents in a call center. These advanced chatbots allow users to ask natural language questions and receive responses tailored to their needs. This can include answers to follow-up questions and clarifications to help users understand the information presented.

Imagine an employee needs to know the process for requesting time off. With a traditional knowledge management solution, an employee must navigate a series of articles and links to find the relevant information. With an AI-powered chatbot, the employee could simply ask, "How do I request time off?" and immediately receive a clear and concise response.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent is an AI-powered conversational interface that provides end users with instant support and assistance. It can answer frequently asked questions, guide users through common tasks, and support incident resolution. By providing a natural and conversational interface, Virtual Agent can improve end-user satisfaction, reduce call volume to the service desk, and help ITSM personnel focus on more complex tasks.

AI will change the role of call center agents

Some people fear AI innovations will lead to job displacement. Although AI may reduce the need for certain routine roles, it’s not intended to replace human agents entirely. Skilled human agents will still be needed to:

  • Handle complex issues

  • Ensure data privacy and security

  • Provide high-level analysis and decision-making

  • Manage and maintain chatbot systems, which can create new job opportunities for individuals with the necessary skills and expertise

The role of ITSM personnel is likely to shift from routine, repetitive tasks to more strategic and value-driven activities that require human skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Find out more about the benefits of AI in knowledge management.

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