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NICE uses CSM on the Now Platform
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NICE drives customer service innovation and business change with ServiceNow


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Traditional customer support solutions have not been uniformly successful. What’s the key to more effective customer support? For an answer, consider the service transformation journey undertaken by NICE. After implementing ServiceNow® Customer Service Management, the company elevated customer support to new levels of speed, efficiency and quality.

For NICE, outstanding customer support is a top priority
When a company is known for perfecting the customer experience, it needs to make sure its customer support is second to none. That’s why NICE—the leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that help organizations deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud, and safeguard citizens—places an extremely high priority on customer service. The company also prides itself on harnessing the latest technology advances to improve customer support.    

NICE struggles to keep up with support case volumes because of an obsolete CRM system
NICE was experiencing major challenges with customer support. It was dealing with 70,000 support cases annually, with 1,000 cases needing individual attention every month. Eyal Lubin, VP of Cloud Operations at NICE, explains, “Our previous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system had become obsolete and was difficult to use. There were process inconsistencies across geographies. Merger and acquisition activities created silos and more complexity. And the number of support cases was growing faster than our ability to keep up.”

To deliver the experience its customers deserve, NICE decides to transform customer support
NICE launched an aggressive campaign to transform customer support into something truly groundbreaking. Eyal says, “Clearly, we needed to streamline our processes. That meant we had to modernize our capabilities, improve our internal destination, and make better use of advanced technologies such as automation and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)methodologies.”

ServiceNow helps NICE to deliver modern customer service
NICE chose ServiceNow Customer Service Management, built on the Now Platform®, to help the company to bring customer support to new levels of speed, efficiency, and quality.

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Ra’anana, Israel
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With Customer Service Management, ServiceNow was able to give us a very flexible foundation on which we could deliver modern customer service capabilities.

Eyal Lubin

VP, Cloud Operations

"With Customer Service Management, ServiceNow was able to give us a very flexible foundation on which we could deliver modern customer service capabilities,” says Eyal. “It's a unified platform for transforming customer service across our enterprise. The Now Platform can handle every step from request to fulfillment, and it is easy to integrate new technologies and capabilities, so we can serve more customers faster and better.”

With ServiceNow, NICE automates and accelerates case management, saving $450,000 a year
NICE implemented a new case ownership model that is skill-based rather than tier-based. Now, required skills are identified during case creation, with ServiceNow automatically routing cases to people with the right skills and availability. And, more intuitive processes combined with a more engaging user interface have helped NICE reduce back-end case volume by 72%, saving $450,000 a year.

Eyal is also pleased by the dramatic reduction in cases that require individual agent attention. “ServiceNow Customer Service is a game-changer for us,” he says. “Out of 5,500 events per day, only 650 need individual attention, and opening a ticket is now eight times faster. This is amazing.”

Instant access to relevant knowledge helps resolve cases faster

ServiceNow is helping NICE to move to KCS methodologies, making it easier for NICE’s Global Service Operations organization to aggregate, search for, use, and rate knowledge. When a case is created, the most highly-rated knowledge articles are instantly accessible, simplifying identification and resolution of issues. NICE is also expanding its use of chat and mobile apps, so finding the right knowledge even easier. The result is faster case resolution and fewer customer support requests.

New customer self-service portal dramatically reduces support effort for agents and customers
A new ServiceNow self-service destination makes it far easier and faster for customers to find the information they need to resolve their issues by themselves. And when a customer does need support from an agent, it’s also easier for the customer to request services, create cases, and track issue resolution.

Customers now open 80% of cases using the customer portal. According to Eyal, “We went from 20% of cases created online to 65% in the first three months. Much less effort is now required to create and manage cases—for agents and for customers. It’s a huge jump forward from the previous system.”

ServiceNow makes it easy for NICE to continue driving customer service innovation
NICE finds ServiceNow Customer Service Management easy to extend. For example, the company has created its own executive-escalation service request capability, a customized service-to-support handover process, pop-up notes at the customer level, escalations to partners, and the ability to proactively open cases for customers, allowing NICE to start working on issues right away—sometimes even before the customer is aware.

ServiceNow helped us with more than optimizing our customer service processes,” says Eyal. “They helped us drive business change. Our internal support people are happier, our customers are happier, and we’re more agile and efficient in our ability to contribute to business objectives.”

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Explore the solution that helped NICE save $450,000 in one year.

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