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AI Search

Connect employees and customers to the answers they need in a powerful, consumer-grade search experience. Provide personalized, relevant results.

Benefits of AI Search

Increase deflection rates

Empower users with self-service and personalized, relevant, AI-powered answers on demand.

Deliver context-rich information

Provide precise and personalized answers that users can act on right away.

Optimize search results continuously

Improve search success rates with an experience that learns and adjusts with each new query.

Get results anytime, anywhere

Give users a consistent, intuitive search experience across portals, mobile apps, and Virtual Agent.

Features of AI Search

Ask questions in human language

Genius results

Understand the user’s intent with the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Meaningful search results aided by machine learning

High relevancy

Tune search relevancy models automatically and predict the best answers using machine learning.

Answers reflect the user’s intent

Question answering

Use semantic search capabilities to find precise answers within knowledge articles and FAQs.

Search results factor in the user’s details

Contextual search

Apply context and personalize the experience based on factors such as location and language.

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How to get AI Search

AI Search is available with the Now Platform®. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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