Now Platform Rome release delivers capabilities for hybrid work

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September 16, 2021

Hybrid work: A woman sits on the floor at a coffee table working on her laptop.

The ways we live and work have fundamentally changed with remote working and hybrid work models becoming the norm. Digital transformation has taken on a new level of urgency to the point where its success or failure directly impacts an organization’s ability to prosper or even survive.

More than ever, organizations need a single platform to enhance productivity, accelerate innovation, and engage their employees and customers, wherever they are. To achieve success, organizations are turning to the Now Platform® to:

  • Automate and connect digital workflows.
  • Deliver modern, consumer-grade experiences.
  • Empower innovators to create new intuitive apps at scale.

Today, as part of the Now Platform Rome release, we’re introducing several new and exciting platform capabilities designed to help organizations like yours thrive in the new world of hybrid work.

Work smart and fast with purpose-built AI

IT leaders aim to exceed their business goals for increasing self-service and reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR). Ultimately, they want to satisfy end users and give back time to their IT service agents so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives. However, with myriad automation solutions available—such as Virtual Agent, Auto-Routing, and Agent Assist—it can be difficult to know which use cases and solutions to tackle first.

In the Rome release, we’re introducing Automation Discovery, a solution that delivers the insights necessary to support decision-making on out-of-the-box automation opportunities.

Automation Discovery is designed to enable quick returns on investment by offering approximately 180 predefined opportunities where automation can be applied and by identifying the top 10 opportunities to help IT leaders focus their efforts.

ServiceNow® Automation Discovery can help IT leaders increase incident deflection, lower the MTTR, and achieve fast time to value.

Automation Discovery

Deliver fast and more accurate search results

With the latest AI Search enhancements in the Rome release, users can benefit from content security, greater accuracy, and enhanced user experience with better search relevancy—as well as better performance for improved deflection.

For peace of mind, users can search external content securely through a single search application across a variety of data sources. This helps deliver a cohesive experience for customers looking for a unified portal solution.

With Rome, users can also benefit from an enhanced user experience with improved quality of results. For example, AI Search pulls the exact span of text in a longer passage to focus on the user’s actual question. Results are more contextual and highly personalized.

Drive engaging conversational experiences

The focus for the Rome release of Virtual Agent is about enhancing the experiences of both end users and administrators.

Through the introduction of asynchronous chat, users can engage agents at their convenience, freeing both parties from needing to be continuously active in a conversation. Upon either a user’s or agent’s return, unread messages are highlighted and ready to be continued or completed. This allows, for example, agents to be more proactive and share meaningful information whether a user is online or not.

We’ve also made a few key enhancements to Virtual Agent Designer, namely in the ease of multilingual Virtual Agent deployments. Admins can now author, translate, and test topics in multiple languages, all within the designer panel. To continue enriching our omni-channel experiences, we’ve also improved the authoring and management capabilities with Virtual Agent Designer to better handle deployments across channels.

In the Quebec release, we launched Conversational Analytics, a tool that allows admins to monitor and improve the performance of their Virtual Agent conversations. A few enhancements made in Rome bolster Conversational Analytics, but none is more consequential to admins than funnel analysis. Through the lens of this new analysis, insights and optimizations to conversation paths can be gleaned by easily examining user behavior and identifying where drop-offs may occur.

Create natural language models in multiple languages

Multilingual Model Management is an enhanced experience on the NLU Workbench. It enables both model authors and administrators who manage models in multiple languages to create secondary models in foreign languages consistent with models developed in their primary language—all with a single click. Models, whether in primary or secondary languages, are consistent with each other in terms of intents, entities, and vocabulary.

Trust your workflows to a single, secure platform

With the Rome release, we’ve enhanced the security capabilities in the Now Platform in ways that directly address concerns of today’s CISOs, security admins, and risk and compliance managers. 

ServiceNow Multifactor Authentication (MFA) provides customers with an additional, optional layer of defense against unauthorized access to their instances. The Rome release includes enhanced MFA with support for both biometric and hardware security keys to simplify the authentication process for end users. 

Every CISO is concerned about employees walking off with company data. In the Rome release, Data Export Metrics enable ServiceNow customers to detect unauthorized exports of their data with exfiltration alerts and a dashboard to monitor data exports in the Instance Security Center.

Data Export Metrics in Instance Security Center

Data Export Metrics in Instance Security Center

The Now Platform Rome release is the latest example of our unwavering commitment to deliver new Now Platform capabilities that ServiceNow customers can benefit from. Learn more about the innovations in the Rome release at Now at Work.

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