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  • Ashish Sethi
June 23, 2021

A service provider

To drive agility, innovation, and excellence, businesses must continuously re-examine their processes. However, embracing new technologies and implementing fresh applications can be a complex and expensive operation. It can also distract attention from day-to-day business.

That’s why more and more global companies turn to a managed service provider like Infosys, so we can take the strain. Headquartered in Bangalore, we operate in 46 countries and support more than 1,450 customers, with a repeat business rate of 98%.

Our engagement with ServiceNow—going back more than 10 years—is one of our most important. Our customers demand speed and efficiency. Partnering with ServiceNow means we’re 50% faster in our implementation times while saving 45% in help desk agent times.

This is better for our efficiency and for our service levels. It also makes our customer engagements “stickier”: More than 400 Infosys customers worldwide have implemented ServiceNow solutions managed by us.

Identifying potential and collaborating on growth

At the earliest stages of the partnership, we saw the potential in ServiceNow tools and the power of the Now Platform. We realized we could proactively bring out those benefits in discussions with some of our customers and then help with their implementations.

We did some initial projects that were very successful for our clients in terms of increasing their overall customer satisfaction and reducing their business outages. We realized that by working with ServiceNow, we could help other customers solve the problems and issues they face.

Today, the big three ServiceNow solutions our customers want are IT Service Management (ITSM), HR Service Delivery, and IT Operations Management (ITOM). We’re also gaining traction with other tools such as Customer Service Management (CSM) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

Over the years, we’ve taken part in joint sales presentations and client workshops, worked hand in hand on implementations, and cooperated on joint planning and strategy at the highest levels. Thanks to this and the length of the relationship, Infosys is a recognized expert in the implementation and operation of ServiceNow solutions. Using this knowledge, we’ve created our own service lines for HR and ITOM.

Partnering with ServiceNow means we’re 50% faster in our implementation times while saving 45% in help desk agent times.

Accelerating implementation

Our ServiceNow center of excellence continuously improves services based on what our implementation teams build for existing customers. When we offer those solutions to new customers rather than starting from scratch, they benefit from the previous experience of many other customers.

In addition, we offer the Infosys Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Café, an AI-powered plug-and-play solution with all the required process templates and ready-to-deploy code. It’s designed to make ServiceNow implementations 40% to 50% faster.

Customers can choose from more than 50 plug-ins and assets to accelerate implementation and manage their always-on service delivery landscape, increasing productivity and efficiency.

ServiceNow offers 100 different options to customers, but not all may apply to every client. Based on ESM Café, we can produce short lists for each client using our knowledge of past implementations.

Long-term certainty, short-term agility

One of the things I value most about the engagement is the long-term assurance it brings. We actively discuss future expectations, even five years down the line. There’s also short-term flexibility. We have governance, but nothing is set in stone.

The alliance has been of particular benefit during COVID-19, as we’ve seen a paradigm shift in ways of working. Our customers ask how ServiceNow solutions can help enable remote working without sacrificing productivity. There’s an appreciation that ServiceNow brings something different to the table, and our customers understand we can help them be resilient in tough times.

The success of the partnership can be measured by the results our joint customers have realized. We’ve seen a 27% increase in self-service, 25% increase in satisfaction rates, and 50% reduction in the number of alerts and tickets raised.

Customers get the benefit of market-leading ServiceNow software overlaid by Infosys expertise. The alliance is a sales-boosting win-win for customers.

Become a ServiceNow partner.

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