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ServiceNow® Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Rapid changes in the business, technology, and regulatory environments continuously challenge enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs. Relying on point‑in‑time risk information and semi‑automated processes contributes to risk failures, especially in dynamic and abstracted environments. Enterprises are under pressure to continuously detect for failing critical controls especially in between assessments, accelerate business impact analysis, orchestrate effective remediation, and enhance visibility and stakeholder accountability. 

Service management best practices deliver operational efficiencies and enhance GRC efficacy and control by delivering a system of engagement and real time actionable insights about the enterprises' risk and compliance operations. ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) extends the benefits of service management into risk management, compliance, and internal audit. With ServiceNow GRC, enterprises utilize real time service performance data along with security and threat information to effectively operationalize compliance controls, enhance internal audit productivity, and detect changes in the risk posture. ServiceNow GRC integrates with Security Operations, IT Operations, and Service Management to accelerate detection, risk mitigation, and orchestrate remediation across functional groups and processes. The overall outcome is real time visibility and enhanced productivity of security, compliance, and risk management operations.


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Getting Started with ServiceNow GRC

ServiceNow Governance, Risk and Compliance Getting Started with ServiceNow GRC

Getting Started with ServiceNow GRC

Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

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Enhancements Coming in Our Next Release

Harness Service Management to Advance Your GRC Capabilities

ServiceNow GRC harnesses the ServiceNow service management platform to enhance visibility and orchestrate cross‑functional GRC processes, detect and assess risks in real time, streamline and operationalize compliance controls, and accelerate the mean time to mitigate risks.

Operationalize and Streamline Compliance Controls

Embed security and compliance controls in IT and business processes

Show dependencies across GRC programs, business services, and assets

Eliminate redundancies across compliance controls

Eliminate errors and enhance efficiency by automating manual GRC processes

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Enhance Internal Audit Productivity

Utilize common controls model to streamline audit planning, scoping, testing, and evidence data collection

Harmonize audit requirements across GRC programs

Use risk data to prioritize and scope audit plans and to allocate audit resources  

Prepare consistent, error‑free audit reports by automating your workflows

Eliminate recurring audit findings

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Enable Sustainable Risk Management

Utilize real‑time service performance and operational data to continuously monitor and detect changes to the risk and compliance posture

Enable continuous monitoring with out‑of‑the box integration with Performance Analytics

Model risk and map dependencies across compliance, risk, business services, and assets

Scope and quantify the business impact of risk at a granular level

Utilize the service management platform to orchestrate remediation and risk reduction activities across security, IT, and business domains, with minimal risks and integration


ServiceNow Deliver Rapid Time to Value

Extend Your Investment in Service Management

Use single system of record to enhance transparency and accelerate information sharing

Enhance productivity with flexible workflow automation

Gain fine‑grain visibility into process, asset, and risk dependencies with CMDB integration

Improve operational cost and performance with integrated GRC and service management

ServiceNow Create a Scure and Robust Environment

Accelerate Risk Assessment and Response

Reduce mean times for risk detection and  assessment with out of the box Performance Analytics integration

Enhance mean time to risk remediation and crisis response with integrated GRC, security, and service management

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