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September 16, 2021

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The pandemic has accelerated the digital imperative across all industries. At ServiceNow, our purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people. That purpose has never been clearer as we help our customers solve some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century—from talent shortages to continuing global vaccination efforts—and everything in between.

Today, we introduced the Now Platformâ Rome release, which includes new industry solutions to empower organizations to accelerate automation and strengthen operations across the enterprise. These new solutions are purpose-built to help organizations in the manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare and life sciences industries fuel great experiences and connect more deeply with customers and employees in the new world of work.

Reinventing how manufacturers connect their workforce

We’re living in one of the tightest job markets in modern history. Even before the pandemic, manufacturers struggled to find talent, facing digital skills shortages and a sizable proportion of the workforce nearing retirement age. But as plant modernization accelerates, upskilling talent and enticing younger workers has become a do-or-die situation.

To help address these challenges, ServiceNow today released Manufacturing Connected Workforce, ​a single digital solution that helps manufacturers maximize their return on Industry 4.0 investments.​ Manufacturing Connected Workforce connects people, processes, and technology, serving as a resource to capture and retain knowledge, upskill employees, and ultimately create an agile, flexible, and resilient environment.

ServiceNow Manufacturing Connected Workforce

ServiceNow® Manufacturing Connected Workforce helps digitize:​

  • Maps and visual guides of a facility’s systems and processes​
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help ensure efficiency and compliance ​
  • Institutional knowledge to empower operators with best practice expertise ​

The Rome release also includes Operational Technology Management (OT Management)—a single system of action to manage and secure critical operational technology across all manufacturing operations from one platform. OT Management provides a complete and contextual view of OT systems within the Now Platform, so you can keep them secure—and up and running.

Manufacturers can then connect operational technology to production processes and digital workflows to rapidly respond and recover from any incident or change.

“As plant modernization becomes a necessity to accelerate and the skills gap continues to widen, manufacturers are seeking new ways to leverage technology to connect and enable their workforce and digitize, secure, and protect their operations,” says Andrew Caveney, global supply chain partner, EY UK.

“As part of our work with ServiceNow, we are combining EY’s manufacturing industry, supply chain, and cyber expertise with ServiceNow’s industry-leading digital workflows to help our manufacturing clients improve experiences and outcomes across the manufacturing value chain.”

Modernizing and streamlining financial services

Financial services companies face mounting competitive pressure to rethink how their organizations will function and interact with customers in the new world of hybrid work. Harnessing the power of the Now Platform, financial institutions can connect employees and systems across the front, middle, and back offices. With full transparency, they can structure, automate, and streamline how work gets done to deliver better customer and employee experiences.

Building on Financial Services Operations, our Rome release extends ​the process improvement power of the Now Platform to even more ​use cases out of the box through three new apps:

  • Client Lifecycle Operations: Onboarding a new bank customer involves layers of paperwork and documentation related to compliance and due diligence—much of which is manually exchanged. ​Client Lifecycle Operations provides simple, comprehensive playbooks and automated tools to help banks onboard new customers fast and reduce costly errors.

  • Complaint Management: Every complaint presents a risk and, if not handled properly, can lead to regulatory fines and damaged customer relationships. Complaint Management helps banks prioritize, escalate, and route complaints, accelerate resolution times, and create a clear audit trail to avoid reputational damage and fines.

  • Treasury Operations: Treasury services—such as wire transfers, ACH payments, and remote deposit capture—is a high-margin business and an important revenue stream for commercial banks. Treasury Operations expedites the client onboarding process by pulling customer information into a single system of action and enabling digital workflows to automatically manage tasks across several teams so banks can realize revenue fast.

“At Kiwibank, our purpose is to make Kiwi better off. We live this by focusing on creating insanely simple experiences for both our customers and our own employees. This can be complex with disparate systems and manual processes,” says Nathan Hopkins, product manager of digital & technology at Kiwibank.

“We’re seeing significant value from the Now Platform as we continue to streamline, standardize and digitize processes across the organization, and are redistributing saved productivity minutes into higher-value activities daily with ServiceNow.”

Building flexibility into telecommunications workflows

Demand for better digital experiences is at an all-time high. Accelerated by the pandemic and coupled with the rollout of 5G and next-gen services, communications service providers (CSPs) have been presented with both a massive opportunity and the risk of falling behind if they don’t adapt and evolve.

With the ServiceNow Rome release, several new Order Management for Telecommunications apps enable CSPs to improve customer satisfaction, accelerate time to revenue, and reduce cost of service:

  • In-flight Change Orders: Improves productivity and reduces manual tasks for agents using dynamic workflows to better update and manage active orders, offering greater flexibility, speed, and adaptability to respond to customer needs and requests

  • Service Order Management: Accelerates and simplifies order delivery with zero-touch automation for decomposing and orchestrating orders and improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Order Capture UI: Streamlines the order capture experience for new and change orders, delivering an integrated service experience across ordering and trouble management for agents and operations teams

Powering the healthcare ecosystem of the future

Available today in the Rome release, Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management is our digital health platform for healthcare providers, life sciences companies, and healthcare payers. Based on the HL7 FHIR standard, our new industry-specific data model extends the power of the Now Platform to help solve a broad set of use cases within the healthcare and life sciences industries.

We simplify everything from pre-visit questionnaires to patient support between appointments to clinical trial interactions—all geared at building better patient experiences. These workflows free clinicians’ precious time to focus on what matters most: the patient.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management now includes ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management (VAM) to continue helping public and private sector organizations efficiently turn vaccines into vaccinations. By connecting workflows across organizations and systems, we’re powering more effective vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring.

"New South Wales Health deployed ServiceNow's VAM in just 10 business days to help support the acceleration of our state's COVID-19 vaccine rollout." Dr. Zoran Bolevich, Chief Executive, eHealth, New South Wales, Australia

Removing obstacles to quickly getting vaccines to the people who need them will be critical as the fall and winter flu season arrives and numerous countries continue to battle rising COVID-19 cases.

“The COVID-19 pandemic presented an enormous challenge and opportunity for SnapNurse. We are proud to provide greater access to education and COVID vaccines through our SnapClinics in underserved urban and rural communities in the US,” says Cherie Kloss, founder and CEO of SnapNurse.

“The ServiceNow Platform and ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution have helped us manage scheduling, inventory, and reporting of COVID vaccinations, ensuring the flow of data is secure, consistent, and up to date. We see ongoing value in the ServiceNow Platform to continue to deliver healthcare to citizens across the US.”

Beyond the US, “New South Wales Health deployed ServiceNow’s VAM in just 10 business days to help support the acceleration of our state’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout,” says Dr. Zoran Bolevich, chief executive of eHealth New South Wales in Australia.

“The system has simplified and automated workflows between administrators, clinicians, and patients so that we can vaccinate more people, faster, with less duplication and risk of errors. The capability of VAM to enable the vaccination process to be managed end to end has enabled our amazing clinical and administrative staff to provide a seamless and efficient service to hundreds of thousands of people across the state.”

Toward a productive future

The global economy is recovering at the fastest pace in 80 years, and organizations across all industries are investing in digital transformation to unlock new levels of innovation, agility, and productivity to adapt to this new economy.

I’m proud that ServiceNow has been in lockstep with our customers every step of the way. We’re making sure that no matter where or how their work happens—in a hospital, on a manufacturing floor, at home, in an office, or on the go—the work continues to flow.

Learn more about the innovations in the Rome release at Now at Work.

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