Improve Patient Outcomes by Modernizing IT and Protecting Clinical Assets

To help you focus on patient outcomes, ServiceNow enables hospitals and healthcare providers to automate the management of medical applications, devices, and facilities. Our trusted cloud platform keeps your clinical devices and applications available and secure, which improves patient experiences and lowers costs.

With ServiceNow, you are equipped to face challenges such as changing regulatory environments, rising patient expectations, connecting medical devices, and protecting your clinical data from cyberattacks.

Protect Patient Data, Devices, and Apps

In 2016, healthcare providers faced 284 breaches and over $20 million in fines, plus over 15 million individuals were impacted. Now, hackers increasingly target connected medical devices with Ransomware. ServiceNow brings incident data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and more to prioritize and resolve security threats fast.

Modernize IT for Better Patient Outcomes

ServiceNow offers a cloud—based IT service management and IT operations platform that automates the management of clinical EHR applications and medical assets, critical to patient care and safety. With ServiceNow, you can improve services, increase availability, and reduce costs, while investing more in modern patient experiences.

Improve the Clinical Employee Experience

Drastically reduce the time it takes to get new employees up and running—and comply with industry regulations—with automated onboarding from ServiceNow. You can also drive employee engagement and HR department productivity with our cloud service for HR. Automate routine requests, build workflows, and get real‑time insight into issues affecting productivity.

Resolve Customer Issues at Lightspeed

Customer satisfaction is a key driver in reimbursement. But managing patients, payors, and cases with CRM isn't enough. With ServiceNow, deliver effortless customer service and reduce case volume and costs. Even better, you can connect departments, workflows, and systems to resolve issues faster and automate service across your entire health system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our employees are saving lives every day. ServiceNow makes routine employee tasks quick and easy, allowing them to get back to what’s important.

Carlie Bush
Director of HR Shared Services

Using the Performance Analytics strategy, we're able to show to IT how we are a benefit to the business.

Robert Larrabee
Director of IT Operations and Applications

We built a service catalog with permissions and automation for 500 items, each with 50 variables, in about three months.

Vijo Menon
System Consultant and IT Process Architect

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