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November 15, 2021

Using all the power of ITSM: A businessman laughs while working on a laptop in an office.

IT workloads and the demands for IT services are increasing in today's digital world as organizations rely more and more on technology services in the hybrid workplace. Among the challenges:

  • Costly service delivery due to systems and data that aren’t connected
  • A limited help desk staff that’s overwhelmed by more business-critical incidents and requests than ever, all of which need fast resolution
  • Subpar service experiences that often result from poor infrastructure visibility, manual processes, and uncoordinated responses

Don’t fret. You can vanquish these obstacles like the fearless and decisive IT leader you are when you get all of the awesomeness in the ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, including the power of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and analytics.

Let’s join one of your peers, Adam, during his workday to witness the real-life value you can achieve when you use the ITSM Professional package and the ITSM Enterprise package.

Efficiently handling routine requests

Toward the start of his day, Adam checks in with the help desk team that uses the Virtual Agent in ITSM Pro to handle routine requests. About 85% of employees have adopted this self-service method, which deflects a significant number of cases. It also saves users 20 minutes per incident.

Now Adam’s team has more time to work on higher-value projects, and they don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly throughout the day.

Consistently delivering high-quality services

Next, Adam attends a process improvement meeting with his managers to see how Performance Analytics in ITSM Pro provides key data to help his teams proactively maintain excellent service.

He learns there’s been a 60% reduction in the time to resolve critical incidents with a decrease in backlog cases by 70%. The team can focus on consistently delivering the best possible results while delighting employees.

Using ITSM can result in a 50% drop in noncritical incident resolution time and a 70% backlog reduction.

Accelerating support for resilient services

Just before lunch, Adam joins his colleagues from the development team for a DevOps governance review. He’s thrilled that DevOps Change Acceleration in ITSM Pro provides out-of-the-box integrations with development tools and pipelines to automate software changes and approvals.

Adam is pleased to discover that both change requests and approvals take less than a minute each, speeding delivery of software his teams need to keep services running 24/7.

Deftly handling P1 incidents

Right when Adam returns from lunch, he receives a P1 incident alert. But he’s not worried because Predictive Intelligence that comes with ITSM Pro uses machine learning to quickly identify, prioritize, and route these business-critical issues to the right team for rapid resolution.

In fact, there’s been a 66% reduction in incorrectly routed incidents, and 77% of incidents are resolved on the first assignment to a team member. That means Adam’s team can avoid the bottlenecks from manual triage to resolve incidents quickly and use their time on work that drives innovation.

Creating efficiencies and cutting costs

Toward the end of Adam’s workday, he huddles with his direct reports to drill into the survey data records with less-than-stellar customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. They use the Process Optimization app in ITSM Enterprise to see that resolution times for the hardware support team are longer than usual. Adam submits a process improvement initiative in the app to remedy this.

This automated analysis process has saved his team four weeks of time this past year, as well as $30,000 on process consultation fees with third parties. Armed with complete visibility into process flows, Adam and his staff can instantly monitor and analyze performance, find conformance issues, and continually improve processes.

Saving more than 100 hours a year, per agent

Finally, Adam taps Workforce Optimization in ITSM Enterprise to review the performance of his application support team. Real-time coaching has helped the team exceed expectations and reduce training costs by 10%.

At the end of his day, Adam is gratified to know the hardware support team members can achieve similar results. The team has reduced the time it takes for monitoring and reporting by 60% this year from this automated resource management.

Adam can develop high-performing teams by optimizing schedules, work assignments, and work quality—all in one workspace. See what else happened in Adam’s day and get more details in this infographic.

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