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March 22, 2023

Now Platform Utah release: Arches National Park, Grand County, Utah

We’re at a unique moment in business history. Organizations face mounting pressure to streamline their processes and improve productivity and performance, often with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Business leaders must drive uninterrupted innovation and enable their teams to do great work—despite economic uncertainty.

My team and I are passionate about developing innovative solutions to customers’ pressing needs. That’s why I’m excited to announce the Now Platform® Utah release.

New innovations in the Utah release arm organizations with tools to protect the future of business and improve the ways they serve their teams, customers, and partners. With the intelligent Now Platform, businesses no longer have to choose between driving growth and reducing costs. They can do both: grow the top line and protect the bottom line.

Automation, in service of efficiency

Many technology teams are expected to justify every investment across their tech stack and team. Leaders need to understand where repetitive tasks are centered, where redundancies or gaps in coverage exist, and how to help teams prioritize their work. AI-powered automation enables them to do more with less, freeing leaders to reallocate valuable resources and improve their overall efficiency.

One example is the expansion of our Process Optimization capabilities into additional solutions, including Field Service Management. AI-powered process mining provides insights to help teams improve processes and workflows with ServiceNow® robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. This empowers field agents to focus on their most important tasks, ultimately improving service for customers while decreasing costs.

Field Service Work Order Task Analysis - Process Optimization

We’ve also expanded our Workforce Optimization application to support additional solutions, including HR Service Delivery. In the hybrid workplace, team operations are more complex than ever. Workforce Optimization for HR Service Delivery gives HR leaders a 360-degree view into their teams and operations, regardless of geographic location.

This helps leaders optimize work assignments and schedules based on skill sets, manage time-off requests, and provide agents with personalized coaching and training.

Additional AI-enabled features, such as Document Intelligence and Next Experience AI Search, provide even more advanced automation capabilities. The ability to intelligently streamline document processing and navigate customer issue resolution saves time and eliminates human errors.

Organizational resilience in the workplace

Creating a great in-office experience is a C-suite priority. HR leaders want the experience to be seamless and collaborative to help with retention. Finance leaders want the experience to be optimal yet cost-efficient.

Organizations can't accomplish these goals without an accurate view of the way the workplace is used. That’s why I’m particularly excited about new tools in the Utah release that empower employees.

Workplace Lease Administration gives leaders the data and insights needed to more effectively track contracts and make informed decisions about office space and leases to help control costs. We've also enhanced Workplace Space Management to make it easier to redesign workplaces as employees' needs change.

Health and Safety Incident Management enables proactive collaboration across the business. Teams can:

  • Quickly report occupational safety incidents

  • Standardize processes

  • Conduct investigations

  • Automate compliance

Health and Safety Injury and Illness Report

IT teams can also experience greater resilience with vendor-agnostic security and performance monitoring, available in ServiceNow® Log Export Service. Building on ServiceNow Vault, announced in our Tokyo release, Log Export Service frees IT managers to focus on their core business with peace of mind about their security and performance.

Simplified experiences, increased productivity

It’s important that organizations consistently represent their brand to customers and employees. The Next Experience now includes Theme Builder, which lets organizations tailor their workspace and pages on the Now Platform for a unified, seamless, unwavering experience.

We’ve also introduced personalized and configurable workspaces. Security Incident Response Workspace gives security analysts a central dashboard to efficiently manage and analyze data related to security incidents. Operational Resilience Workspace empowers operations managers with role-based visibility to see issues before they occur, enabling better decisions and resilience.

Next Experience Security Incident Response Workspace details

Other introductions include:

  • Strategic Planning Workspace

  • Enterprise Architecture Workspace

  • Service Operations Workspace enhancements

Getting value out of the Now Platform

Today’s business environment is complex enough. Technology challenges shouldn’t add to the complexity. That’s why, with every Now Platform release, we bring solutions to life to address the real needs of our customers.

Together, these cutting-edge tools help streamline performance. ServiceNow Impact enhancements—including performance tools that deliver richer insight and accelerators that help stand up dashboards faster—improve data-driven visibility and fuel digital transformation efforts to accelerate return on investments.

Find out more about the innovations in the Utah release.

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