5 reasons to consider ServiceNow training and certification

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10 January 2023

ServiceNow certification: From newbie to MVP - Rise Up

Nearly every job today is a tech job. That means there’s an increasing need for technical skills in every industry. That's why ServiceNow has committed to skill 1 million people globally on the Now Platform by 2024 with our RiseUp with ServiceNow programme.

We want to help anyone who wants to jump-start their tech career. RiseUp seeks to help people of all backgrounds and experience levels gain skills to become job-ready in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Here are five reasons to consider pursuing ServiceNow training and certification:

1. You’ll have support every step of the way

Now Learning offers ServiceNow training and certifications for people at all levels. With classes available in person and virtually, you can learn the way you learn best, at your own pace. You’ll find learning paths to help you decide which courses are best for the area(s) you want to pursue.

“I find the virtual classes have excellent content, and the instructors are always willing and available to go the extra mile to ensure their students are grasping the material presented,” says Laurie Marlowe, a ServiceNow systems administrator and developer with electric company Evergy.

“ServiceNow has made it simple to gain extensive knowledge of the Now Platform, take a proctored certification, and start a new career,” she adds. “If you know how to use a computer, you can learn how to use ServiceNow, even just with the free Now Learning training that’s available.”

You’ll also be surrounded by an expanding community of ServiceNow users and subject matter experts. Daniel Olufemi Falayi, a project delivery lead and implementation architect at ConfigureTek, for example, has started several mentorship groups to help those interested in transitioning to ServiceNow careers.

2. You’ll find purpose

In today’s market, 89% of employees want to live their purpose, according to research from McKinsey. Fumito Hiratsuka, a technical trainer at ServiceNow in Japan, believes ServiceNow helps him meet that need. “I want to create a world where work is enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone,” he says. “ServiceNow allows me to do that.”

Hiratsuka has been instrumental in the ServiceNow training programme in Japan, initiating training in Japanese and leading workshops. The technology, enterprisewide workflows, and experiences at the company attracted him to ServiceNow, but they’re not what keep him engaged.

“While the ServiceNow capabilities are evolving at lightning pace, the overriding mission stays front and center—making work better for everyone,” he says. “That opened my eyes and made me realise that ServiceNow was somewhere I could find real purpose.”

3. You’ll gain job satisfaction and other benefits

For Cesar Augusto Negri de Oliveira, working as a Certified ServiceNow Administrator at British Telecom (BT) in Hungary gives him both personal and job satisfaction. “It’s also really helped me to accelerate my career,” he says. “Since becoming involved, I’ve been promoted, and people come to me every day to ask about ServiceNow.”

De Oliveira isn’t alone. According to an IDC survey, 69% of those with ServiceNow certification say it’s had a positive impact on their career. In addition, certified ServiceNow professionals are promoted three to 12 months faster than others and realise on average a 23% increase in total compensation.1

4. You'll have in-demand skills

“ServiceNow was an express train picking up steam,” says Gene Manuel, and he wanted to get on board. After experimenting with a ServiceNow personal developer instance to gain knowledge and experience, Manuel took a job as a business analyst at a large insurance company.

He jumped at the chance to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) at his insurance company. Having in-demand ServiceNow skills opened career opportunities for him. He spent a year working for a ServiceNow partner and used the CSA achievement as a steppingstone to become an ITSM Certified Implementation specialist. Today, he works for Accenture’s ServiceNow Business Group.

Certification also opened career options for Marlowe. “Many opportunities have come my way as a result of the training, my experience, and the certifications, proving to employers my skill set and knowledge of the platform,” she says.

Marlowe holds ServiceNow CMDB Health Micro-certification, Configure the CMDB Micro-certification, Applications Developer certification, and System Administrator certification. “I have had many recruiters contact me for opportunities that they’ve expressed they are looking for someone with the certifications and experience I have to offer,” she says.

5. Your work will make a difference

Ken Sheridan wanted to work for ServiceNow after his military career because of the “great automation platform that truly improves life for workers.” Like Manuel, Sheridan started with the ServiceNow personal developer instance. He then moved on to the ServiceNow Fundamentals course and learned everything he could about the Now Platform.

When Sheridan joined ServiceNow as a software developer in 2017, he was tasked with creating a portal to manage the ServiceNow development infrastructure, which includes 18,000 servers and loads of other equipment. His solution—which uses ServiceNow CMDB, inventory tracking, agile project management, and performance benchmarks—is still used to manage all ServiceNow development infrastructure.

Find out more about how you can go from dreaming about a new career to living it with RiseUp with ServiceNow.

1 IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by ServiceNow, The Value of ServiceNow certification to your career, #US47917021, August 2021

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