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September 04, 2019

Ever since the rise of the modern corporation in the 19th century, the typical company has been a cluster of silos: IT, HR, legal, finance and the rest. That was then. Today a very different kind of company is emerging, based on a web of partners and functions that collaborate and share information in real time.

In no small part, this shift is happening because employees want to work differently. They expect technology to make their work life as great as it’s made their home life: simple, convenient and accessible with a swipe on their mobile device.

ServiceNow is driving that transition. Thanks to digital workflows running on the intelligent, intuitive Now Platform, silos are disappearing. Work moves smoothly across the enterprise. Employees spend less time on routine tasks and more time on meaningful work that creates value for the business. 

The Now Platform delivers great employee experiences and productivity through digital workflows across departments, systems and people. That’s the power of ServiceNow, which today provides digital workflows to nearly 75% of the Fortune 500.  For example, PayPal, a global technology platform and digital payments leader with over 20,000 employees, adopted the Now Platform as it began its journey of providing its engineers with the technology backbone needed to connect operations, create a centralized hub for resources and the give access self-service tools. 

“Like any enterprise company, PayPal’s engineers use various applications to help manage its infrastructure. With ServiceNow, we now have a single platform that lets us connect digital workflows and have a common engagement layer across our systems of record and apps to provide our engineers with a more efficient and productive work experience,” said Dan Torunian, PayPal’s Vice President of Employee Technology & Experiences and Data Centers. “Using the Now Platform, our engineers are freed up to work on more strategic work and focus on our goal of providing customers and employees with an experience that’s as easy, simple and intuitive as the PayPal mobile experience.” 

I’m thrilled to introduce the Now Platform New York release. Simple, seamless, consumer-like experiences are the future of work. The Now Platform delivers those experiences by making it easy to digitize any business process out of the box. 

The New York release is generally available today. It features a host of innovations—more than 650— across our IT, employee and customer workflows. We designed them all to make work, work better for people.

Mobile first
ServiceNow believes the future of work is mobile. More than half of employees now expect their employers to offer native, mobile-optimized tools, according to our recent employee service experience research. Just as smartphones and mobile apps have transformed our lives at home, mobile will be at the heart of delivering great experiences at work.

For the first time on mobile, we’ve removed the friction to create a consumer-like experience for everyday work with Now Mobile. Employees can now find answers and get stuff done across HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments, all from a modern mobile app powered by the Now Platform. 

The Now Platform enables companies to quickly and easily deliver unmatched native mobile experiences to employees that will unlock productivity and make work, work better for them. 

Built with the employee in mind, Now Mobile lets employees accomplish a range of tasks across different systems. They include ordering equipment, approving requests, finding colleagues and getting help. Finally, work life can be as great as real life. 

Now Mobile includes ServiceNow Virtual Agent, which uses natural language understanding (NLU) to help employees find answers to common questions and requests—anytime, anywhere they have mobile access. 

With NLU, employees can interact with Virtual Agent by using ordinary language to find answers, order items and get help for common problems.  

Our new ServiceNow Onboarding app streamlines new hire activities so employees can have a great onboarding experience. The app orchestrates multiple departments, including IT, HR, facilities, finance and legal, to help new hires process their to-dos across the organization with a swipe of the thumb. 

This single, intuitive app is now the hub for requesting a laptop from IT, signing NDAs for legal, setting up direct deposit with finance, and more. Like every ServiceNow app, it’s built on the Now Platform and works out of the box.

Help for corporate finance
ServiceNow’s new Finance Operations Management (FOM) product extends digital workflows further into the enterprise. Our first FOM application, ServiceNow® Finance Close Automation (FCA), integrates with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from Oracle and SAP. 

FCA allows finance teams to digitize workflows across the monthly, quarterly and annual finance close process. The result? Less risk, happier teams and a faster close.

Better IT workflows
Nearly 75% of Fortune 500 companies use ServiceNow IT workflows to transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT across their organizations. With the New York release, customers can manage a range of IT services efficiently on the Now Platform. 

These services include Vendor Manager Workspace, Service Owner Workspace, Operator Workspace and SaaS License Management. 

And with the new Guided App Creator, anyone can build a digital workflow using ServiceNow’s new wizard-like user experience—no coding experience required. 

Happier customers
With ServiceNow’s customer workflows, organizations can finally elevate their own customer service by resolving issues end to end. 

The new Proactive Customer Service Operations capabilities allow companies to automatically respond to events or alerts for products and services. They can clearly see which customers are impacted by the events, proactively create cases and notify impacted customers. 

The New York release is the fifth platform release that I’ve overseen at ServiceNow. I’m so proud of the global engineering, product, and design teams that worked tirelessly to ship the Now Platform New York release on time while delivering high-quality innovation. 

We’re already hard at work on the next Now Platform release, which will deliver more intelligent workflows that provide even better experiences for customers and employees. 

We look forward to partnering with customers as they bring the New York release to life. I can’t wait to see how they use the Now Platform to make the world of work, work better for people—one company at a time.


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