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September 21, 2022

Now Platform Tokyo release: Tokyo Skytree

The world of work continues to tackle a rapidly shifting business landscape and the “great reprioritization.” Leaders are looking for ways to differentiate their organizations to gain a competitive advantage and seeking out technologies that deliver tangible outcomes quickly and flexibly.

That’s why I’m proud to introduce the Now Platform® Tokyo release. Available today, the release is our latest purpose-built solution to empower organizations to do their best work and create seamless experiences for their employees and customers while accelerating innovation at scale—in ways that are good for people, the planet, and profits.

The Tokyo release is our most innovative to date, with solutions that address a wide spectrum of customer needs, regardless of industry. I’m excited to share some of the key innovations.

Employee empowerment

Now, more than ever, employee retention is a top priority for people leaders as organizations face a talent shortage. By unifying the employee and customer experiences, the Now Platform Tokyo release helps remove friction for everyone. This improves engagement, productivity, employee and customer loyalty, and profitability.

The new Manager Hub addresses managers’ greatest pain points: burnout, hiring slowdowns, and intensifying pressure to keep employees happy and engaged. It provides a central location for managers to track and respond to employee tasks and requests. Managers get a comprehensive view into their team’s journeys for streamlined people management.

Manager Hub

Admin Center, part of ServiceNow Impact™, helps accelerate and simplify the digitization of end-to-end business processes across the Now Platform. The solution is designed to make discovering, installing, and configuring ServiceNow solutions as easy as possible.

ServiceNow admins can benefit from application recommendations based on instance maturity, application entitlement visibility, and simplified application installation and configuration.

We debuted Issue Auto Resolution for IT Service Management (ITSM) in the Quebec release in March 2021. The Now Platform Tokyo release expands the AI-powered automation to human resources to accelerate case resolution.

Using natural language understanding (NLU), the solution analyzes unstructured requests and delivers self-service content across instant messaging, text messaging, and email. It also identifies critical or sensitive cases and routes them directly to an agent for higher-level support.

Supercharged automation, intelligence, and security

We’re raising the bar for trust and intelligence with new AI-powered automation capabilities and data security controls to help resolve issues before they occur. In today’s world of work, encryption and cloud security are paramount to defend your physical assets against cyberthreats.

ServiceNow Vault

The Tokyo release introduces ServiceNow Vault, which helps protect business-critical applications using premium platform privacy and security controls. The solution combines the strongest industry-adopted, government-approved encryption standards with flexible key management. As a result, it helps equip organizations to:

  • Safeguard sensitive data

  • Increase data compliance

  • Maintain data security

ServiceNow Vault also classifies and anonymizes specific data fields and objects for ServiceNow instances—and simplifies and manages digital credentials organization-wide.

Innovation acceleration

Business leaders are under pressure to deliver outcomes fast. To help them make informed, sustainable decisions, the Tokyo release includes Enterprise Asset Management. This new solution automates the full lifecycle of physical business assets—from planning all the way through retirement.

Leaders gain visibility into their entire enterprise asset estate, which can help them improve strategic planning, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Enterprise Asset Management also optimizes business inventory levels to help organizations operate stockrooms efficiently and make better use of existing assets.

Enterprise Asset Management

To simplify working with suppliers, we’re introducing Supplier Lifecycle Management. It digitizes historically manual workflows to help suppliers and buyers work faster and quickly fix any disruptions. Supplier issues can be resolved in real time with integrated case management and task assignments.

We’re also delivering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management in the Tokyo release to help make the world more sustainable, equitable, and ethical. The solution is designed to help customers move from inefficient and error-prone ESG program management and reporting to an end-to-end system of record.

ESG Management allows customers to collect auditable, investor-grade data and manage program goals in one place. It provides formula-based metrics with actionable insights into ESG performance, carbon accounting to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, and spreadsheet-style data entry for easy information collection and verification.

We’re excited to partner with our customers as they bring the Tokyo release to life to deliver business outcomes and make the world work better for everyone.

Find out more about the innovations in the Now Platform Tokyo release.

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