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Logo Detection with no Priors


In recent years, top referred methods on object detection like R-CNN have implemented this task as a combination of proposal region generation and supervised classification on the proposed bounding boxes. Although this pipeline has achieved state-of-the-art results in multiple datasets, it has inherent limitations that make object detection a very complex and inefficient task in computational terms. Instead of considering this standard strategy, in this paper we enhance Detection Transformers (DETR) which tackles object detection as a set-prediction problem directly in an end-to-end fully differentiable pipeline without requiring priors. In particular, we incorporate Feature Pyramids (FP) to the DETR architecture and demonstrate the effectiveness of the resulting DETR-FP approach on improving logo detection results thanks to the improved detection of small logos. So, without requiring any domain specific prior to be fed to the model, DETR-FP obtains competitive results on the OpenLogo and MS-COCO datasets offering a relative improvement of up to 30%, when compared to a Faster R-CNN baseline which strongly depends on hand-designed priors.

The Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal (IEEE Access)