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Drive innovation with AI that is centered on people: making workflows smarter, AI workloads more efficient, and contributing to the AI community.

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Our innovation is centered on people: helping customers modernize their technology architecture, innovating new business models, improving experiences at work, and driving higher ROI from their technology investments.

ServiceNow Research Team Culture

Our research team culture was borne at Element AI. Our intentional and careful approach to building our team continues at ServiceNow by ensuring that we recruit people who align with our vision. Most important, as a member of the ServiceNow Research team, people at all levels of career development can thrive and grow.

## ServiceNow Research Team Culture
Freedom in Research Direction and Collaboration
Researchers at ServiceNow own their research agenda. Our teams partner with some of the world’s top academic research labs to advance the state-of-the-art in enterprise AI, and regularly attend top AI conferences. ServiceNow researchers are advised by leading scientists and collaborate with research interns from around the world.
ServiceNow researchers have access to powerful GPU infrastructure and tools for running experiments, along with enterprise data to train their models.
ServiceNow Research processes are agile and mature. They are designed to empower researchers with mentoring and rapid internal peer reviews of papers. We value the responsible open-sourcing of research code, data, and models; conducting open science to enable rapid innovation with diversity of perspectives.
Core to our growth strategy is to build a diverse group of talented researchers who are genuinely good people and collaborate well together. We are proud of having an environment that empowers early-in-career researchers to grow and develop into influential scientists.

Dream big with a purpose

## Dream big with a purpose
Research Scientist
Research scientists set up their own research agenda for enterprise AI, guide research interns, and collaborate with their colleagues and the global AI community; publishing and presenting their work at top-tier academic conferences.
Applied Research Scientists influence and understand product requirements. They are domain expert in machine learning and extend state-of-the-art research to create solutions that are adapted to real business and user problems.
Research Developers collaborate with applied and fundamental research scientists; implementing deep learning models and algorithms, building large datasets, and using them to train large models on multi-node GPU clusters.
Scientific Advisors are leaders in the field and provide expertise to guide the work of research teams.
Visiting Researchers perform fundamental research on machine learning related topics in collaboration with their academic supervisor and ServiceNow researchers. ServiceNow provides visiting researchers with access to mentors and GPU compute to support for publishing research at top tier conferences.
Employee Stories

A major component [in linking lab research and practical applications] is figuring out the level of understanding and skill the organization has, the processes and culture in place, and how we can transform this culture or influence it so there is more risk acceptance. It’s about getting the organization prepared to take [on] this research and not be afraid of it.

Valerie Becaert
Senior Director, ServiceNow Research

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