New partner integrations in Now Platform Paris release simplify common workflows 

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September 16, 2020

Our Now Platform includes many new technology integrations


By now, you’ve heard a number of us at ServiceNow talk about the “workflow revolution.” The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses rethink how they operate, engage employees, and serve customers. As importantly, it has accelerated digital transformation. Our customers tell us every day that they’re relying on their digital platforms to ensure business continuity, enhance employee productivity, and even drive growth.  

That’s something we don’t take lightly. In fact, our partners and our ServiceNow teams have made sure that we’re including as many new technology integrations as possible in the Now Platform Paris release so that our customers will have even more tools to help them stay agile and resilient now and in the future.  

Our customers’ success is our success. By “our,” we mean ServiceNow and partners like Microsoft, Twilio, and SailPoint. Together, we’re responding to our customers’ dynamic needs. Read below for more detail. 


Service Graph Connector


ServiceNow Service Graph updates 

 One of the advantages of the Now Platform® has always been our one data model structure – our CMDB. And, keeping with our goal to drive value across the entire customer lifecycle, we know that our customers also need a consistent, data-driven approach to managing their entire digital lifecycle. To meet this need, we’ve added ServiceNow® Service Graph to our CMDB to help customers digitally manage planning, deployment, business processes, and more. Stemming from our acquisition of Sweagle, Service Graph now underpins all of ServiceNow’s solutions, enabling businesses, for the first time, to bring together technology, people, and processes into a service-oriented view. 

 We are also introducing the Service Graph Connector Program to take Service Graph one step further. The Service Graph Connector Program is a new designation within the Technology Partner Program and brings in the expertise of our partners. The connectors, built by ServiceNow and our technology partners, ensure that many of the third-party tools that businesses rely on today are directly integrated with ServiceNow, making it easy for customers to integrate, upload, and organize data on a single platform. Inaugural technology partner integrations include Armis, HCL BigFix, CrowdStrike, Datadog, Dynatrace, ExtraHop, Forescout, Jamf, LogicMonitor, Cisco Meraki, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft SCCM, Qualys, SolarWinds, and Tanium. 

Part of what we focus on with our partners is delivering high-value business outcomes to customers, and these new integrations are part of how we do that.  

Microsoft integrations 

Since forming our strategic alliance with Microsoft, we’ve worked closely with them to develop innovative solutions that help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys and deliver great employee and customer experiences. Today we’re launching four new integrations among our ServiceNow solutions and Microsoft, focused on Azure and Teams. These include: 

ServiceNow Onboarding Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): With more than 60% of employed Americans working from home (Gallup), remote onboarding is more important than ever. Our new ServiceNow Onboarding integration with Microsoft Azure AD automatically kicks off the right onboarding workflows as soon as a new employee profile is created in Azure AD or an HR system. Hiring managers provide input on the business roles the new employee is going to perform, and the integration automates the provisioning of the right set of resources, including role-specific applications. New hires get the information and systems access they need to be productive from anywhere, on day one. HR leaders, hiring managers, facilities teams, and many more get a simple, quick way to give new employees a great first-day experience. 

New hire onboarding integration with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure Support for ServiceNow Cloud Insights: Cloud Insights empowers IT leaders with cost optimization, cost reporting, and savings automation capabilities to help navigate the complexities of the cloud. Now supported within Azure, Cloud Insights works with Microsoft Advisor to streamline its recommendations and automatically kicks off a ServiceNow IT workflow, helping IT leaders save time and money. 

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory: One of the biggest frustrations for IT pros is keeping track of all of their software licenses. Now, our SaaS License Management application connects with Microsoft Azure AD so that Software Asset Management admins can download a full list of applications, users, and groups across systems into a single, holistic view. They can also monitor information like user login and usage data, which helps them reclaim unused licenses, forecast future licensing needs, and cut back on unused licenses at renewal, ultimately driving more engagement on existing technology investments and saving time and money. 

Virtual Agent Lite plugin for Microsoft Teams: Especially now with so many virtual meetings, ServiceNow customers who use Microsoft Teams have said their employees would be even more productive if they could self-help IT support from their Teams window. Our new Virtual Agent Lite chatbot makes that happen. It’s a limited version of Virtual Agent for our ITSM standard customers and launches with three prebuilt conversations for common IT support requests. These keyword-based conversations run in both the web chat client and in a Virtual Agent messaging integration with the Microsoft Teams app.  

“Our customers understand how important it is for their businesses to be agile and resilient,” said Ari Schorr, Senior Program Manager for Strategic Alliances at Microsoft. “We’re thrilled to bring these new integrations to life with ServiceNow, so that we can help make employees’ lives easier at work. By connecting ServiceNow’s digital workflows with Azure and Microsoft 365, we’re empowering customers to leverage the cloud to make work better.” 


 Self-help IT support with Virtual Agent Lite chatbot

Twilio integration 

 Twilio is the leading cloud communications platform and a popular platform with ServiceNow customers, and our partnership with them increases agent productivity and speed to market of a new communication channel. With Twilio-powered SMS interactions we’ve integrated new conversational messaging capabilities within our Customer Service Management solution. This integration lets companies engage with their own customers through Twilio. Businesses that use both Twilio and ServiceNow will be able to quickly implement new, additional conversation interfaces and streamline contact channels through the Now Platform. 

 “The customer experience is crucial for business success in the next normal,” said Molly Fischer, Senior Director, Strategic ISVs at Twilio. “Twilio is excited to partner with ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management solutions to help businesses improve the experience they offer customers by enabling them to communicate on the channels they prefer, all in an easy, streamlined, and efficient way.” 

SailPoint integration 

 We’ve worked with SailPoint for more than eight years. With the Paris release, we’ve announced an expanded partnership that integrates SailPoint for Service Catalog with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. The integration benefits businesses by bringing together all service and application requests and approvals into a consolidated view. It also gives employees simplified, more streamlined HR service, so they can be as productive as possible while still getting questions answered.  

 “By integrating with ServiceNow’s employee workflows, we are making it simple and easy for businesses to deliver amazing employee experiences,” said Harry Gould, SVP of WW Partners at SailPoint. “The combination of SailPoint for Service Catalog and ServiceNow HR Service Delivery brings all of the information employees need into a single, secure location, helping them to be productive, cost-efficient, and most importantly, enjoy their work.” 

Looking ahead 

 ServiceNow Workflows are essential building blocks for business agility and resilience amid the COVID economy. Partners play an important role in developing the workflows our customers need to drive their digital transformations, and together we force multiply value for their businesses. We’re humbled and thrilled by the work we’ve accomplished together this year, and for the opportunity to continue working with our partners to make the world of work, work better for people.  


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