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Take Command of Your Software Assets

Software assets can represent over 20% of IT budgets, making managing on‑prem and cloud apps a high priority. Legacy point tools require fragile integrations that must be monitored and maintained. The result: a patchwork that ineffectively addresses spend optimization and compliance risk.

Take control of your assets and get to value faster. Monitor and optimize SaaS apps with visibility into usage. Identify overlaps to rationalize and justify spend. Understand the impact of change and automatically distribute key data from the CMDB, your single source of truth throughout the enterprise.


Maximize your ServiceNow investment with the only single-architecture solution to feed critical software data to the business via digital workflows.

Slash software spend by optimizing usage with reallocation workflows and right-sizing future purchases for real savings for on-prem and cloud-based services.

Mitigate software license risk with a single, real-time view across unlicensed deployments, re-harvesting options, and actionable software positions by publisher.

Product Highlights

Deliver value faster by running SAM on the only single-architecture platform

Deliver value faster by running SAM on the only single-architecture platform

Manage and optimize SaaS with visibility into usage and spend

Software Spend Detection

Manage and optimize SaaS with visibility into usage and spend

See where you stand in real time with dashboards by publisher

Publisher Dashboard

See where you stand in real time with dashboards by publisher

Prioritize actions with compliance and cost trend visualizations for strategic planning and decision making

Effective License Position

Prioritize actions with compliance and cost trend visualizations for strategic planning and decision making

Drill down into the root causes of noncompliance

Adobe Systems Noncompliance

Drill down into the root causes of noncompliance

Normalize purchased and discovered assets with an extensive, validated content library

Content Library

Normalize purchased and discovered assets with an extensive, validated content library

Modernize SAM and unlock productivity with intuitive and intelligent workflows


Modernize SAM and unlock productivity with intuitive and intelligent workflows

Feature Details

  • Discovery

    Software Asset Management works with ServiceNow® Discovery to enable you to create an accurate, up to date, single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on premises and in public clouds.It identifies IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). When used with ServiceNow Service Mapping, it discovers services, too.

    ServiceNow SAM can connect to additional discovery sources as well, such as Microsoft SCCM, IBM’s BigFix and ILMT, Jamf Pro and many more available in the ServiceNow Store. You can also reclamate by last used date with SCCM as a proxy for metering data. This alleviates the need to deploy additional agents in your environment.

  • SaaS License Management

    Identify SaaS purchases across the business, eliminate wasted SaaS spend, reduce overlapping services, and reclaim or downgrade stale licenses.

    Get visibility into SaaS subscriptions owned versus consumed with Software Spend Detection and use machine learning to identify and categorize SaaS purchases. Reveal Overlapping Services through categorization to reduce in‑use apps with similar functionality and get data to rationalize purchases.

    Deep usage analysis and extended capabilities are provided for a growing number of high‑value, ubiquitous SaaS applications, including: DocuSign, Zoom, G‑Suite, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Box, and Dropbox.

  • HR Asset Onboarding

    Integrate IT hardware and software requests with the HR New Employee Onboarding process.

    Source requested hardware and software by transferring from existing inventory or as a net new purchase. Asset records are automatically updated from workflow task completion, ensuring asset accuracy through request fulfillment.

  • Automated Entitlement Import

    Automated Entitlement Import drastically improves time to value by automating the process of importing procurement data. It also performs critical validations such as identification of duplicates to ensure the data entered in the system is accurate.

    Also available on the Now Platform is ServiceNow Procurement, an application customers can leverage the ability automatically create purchase orders and obtain items for fulfilling service catalog requests.

  • Normalization

    An extensive, validated content library aids in the normalization process to understand what is discovered in your environment. View normalization rates, the health of the content service, and update status via a central dashboard.

    Benefit from a customer community who opts in to crowdsource software discovery, purchase, and lifecycle updates that drive exponential growth of the library. Capitalize on the broad range of publishers, products, and more to eliminate manual asset management activities.SAM also provides normalization suggestions that will flag anything you manually normalize that appears to be inconsistent with the library.

  • Reconciliation

    Software Asset Management includes built in software license calculation intelligence, easily applied to software entitlements without writing a single line of code. These calculations are automatically run weekly or on‑demand to ensure your compliance position is always up to date. Review the comprehensive and dynamic results of reconciliation in a single‑pane view or effortlessly drill into the details to identify the source of non‑compliance and excessive spending.

  • Publisher Packs

    Software Asset Management provides access to an extensive Content Library containing thousands of software publishers, including complex server side licensing for top publishers such as SAP, Microsoft (including Office365), Oracle, IBM, VMware, Citrix and Adobe (including Adobe Creative Cloud).  For example, with Oracle, SAM provides customers the ability to track Oracle Database option usage that can surface optimization opportunities. SAP delivers visibility to potentially costly overspending and compliance risk by named users.

    Plus, publisher‑specific dashboards allow you to review compliance and optimization positions at‑a‑glance. Software asset managers can use filters to interact with data and find meaningful insights that guide strategic decision‑making and provide visibility into the most complex products.

  • Performance Analytics

    Performance Analytics for SAM provides customizable visualizations of cost trends, software license risks, and drill down graphics for strategic planning and decision making.

  • Licenses Under Management

    Get an accurate picture of license compliance on the set of software models under active management. As SAM is rolled out, you set up the models, discover software installs, and capture all owned licenses. You can exclude any models being worked on or not actively managed in your compliance reports.

  • License Position Reports

    Get an additional detailed view of the underlying data behind the dashboards, for a full view of publisher effective license positions all in one place.  Pull reports on your license position on demand.

  • License Workbench

    View publisher positions from a single pane where you can drill down to prioritize areas that have large savings opportunity or require immediate compliance attention.

  • Remediation Options

    Life at work is better when experiences are intuitive and workflows across departments are automated. Client Software Distribution facilitates self‑service software and automatic license reclamation for the SAM use case. You can also reclamate by last used date with SCCM already in your environment.

    Reassign, reclaim, and revoke software to report a budget surplus and eliminate shelf‑ware. Remove unlicensed installations. Create Purchase Order requests for new software rights and automate requests through fulfilment. Create allocations or revoke software for users or devices.

  • License Change Projections

    Ensure compliance by surfacing software cost information at the time of an IT change. Enable your IT counterparts to understand the spend implications of the underlying infrastructure adjustments. Auto calculate the cost of the change or savings as part of the IT change request. 

  • Lifecycle Content

    Software lifecycle dates such as general availability, end of life, and end of service life are provided out of the box. Get valuable data points about the software in your application stack for IT planning.

    Use cases include application rationalization and security efforts for software titles approaching end of service life or already lapsed.

  • Blacklisting

    Many companies have networks that allow employees to download non‑authorized software (gaming applications, pirated music players, etc.), which can impact both security and employee productivity.

    Blacklisting in SAM can discover and identify software that was not authorized and flag it as a candidate for removal. Blacklisting allows you to enforce employee compliance and achieve security objectives.

  • FedRAMP Certified

    SAM has received the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program ("FedRAMP") certification. Now you can proactively manage software license compliance, optimize software spend, and manage software assets throughout the entire lifecycle from a single platform.

    SAM meets the strict technical requirements necessary for government related entities to utilize it in the cloud.


Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

End‑to‑end software life cycle management on a single platform, to optimize spend and reduce compliance risk.

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