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Take Command of Your Software Assets

Software can represent more than 20% of your IT budget, and managing that investment can be complicated. Millions of dollars are spent on underutilized licenses. CIOs spend time worrying about software vendor audits. If you use point solutions that require integration or manually consolidate spreadsheets, you face day‑to‑day business disruption caused by audits and are not able to reduce year‑over‑year software spend.


ServiceNow® Software Asset Management uses a single system of action that helps seamlessly transform operations from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture that is audit‑ready and optimizes license spend.

With Software Asset Management You Can...


Lower Cost

Slash software spend by optimizing what you already have and aligning your annual maintenance bill.  Eliminate overbuying by right-sizing future purchases.


Lower Risk

Reduce software license exposure by gaining insight into unlicensed deployments and re-harvesting options.


Improve IT Efficiency

Speed up the management of software assets by controlling licenses and deployments from a single platform throughout the software life cycle.

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Product Highlights

Get real-time visualizations of software compliance and cost trends for strategic decision-making

Get real-time visualizations of software compliance and cost trends for strategic decision-making

Get real-time visualizations of software compliance and cost trends for strategic decision-making

Extensive Content Library facilitates normalization for purchased and discovered assets

Extensive Content Library facilitates normalization for purchased and discovered assets

Extensive Content Library facilitates normalization for purchased and discovered assets

Feature Details

  • Discovery

    Software Asset Management works with ServiceNow® Discovery to enable you to create an accurate, up to date, single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on premises and in public clouds. It identifies IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). When used with ServiceNow Service Mapping, it discovers services, too

  • Normalization

    Normalization uses an extensive content library to aid in the normalization process and connect what is purchased with what is discovered in your environment.

    Benefit from a customer community who opts in to crowdsource software discovery updates that drive exponential growth of the library. Capitalize on the broad range of publishers, products, and more in the content library to eliminate the manual activities of software asset management.

  • Reconciliation

    Software Asset Management includes built in software license calculation intelligence that is easily applied to software entitlements without writing a single line of code. These calculations are automatically run weekly or on‑demand to ensure that your compliance position is always up to date.

    Review the comprehensive and dynamic results of reconciliation in a single‑pane view or effortlessly drill into the details to identify the source of non‑compliance and excessive spending.

  • Publisher Packs

    Software Asset Management provides access to an extensive Content Library containing thousands of software publishers, including top publishers such as Microsoft (including Office365), Oracle, IBM, VMware and Adobe to name a few.

    Additionally, publisher specific dashboards enable the review of compliance and optimization positions at a glance. Software asset managers can use filters to interact with data and find meaningful insights to guide strategic decision‑making and gain visibility into the most complex products.

  • Software License Harvesting

    Software Asset Management provides an enhanced integration with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager to obtain usage metering information. Alternatively, leverage the ServiceNow platform’s extensive integration capabilities to obtain metering information from other third‑party applications in the ServiceNow Store.

    Define usage thresholds in Reclamation Rules to automatically aggregate usage data and identify candidates for reclamation. These candidates can be harvested automatically using ServiceNow Client Software Distribution.

  • Blacklisting

    Many companies have networks that allow employees to download non‑authorized software which can impact both security and employee productivity at the work place. Unauthorized software can introduce security vulnerabilities to corporate IT infrastructure. Unauthorized software can also impact employee productivity for software related to gaming applications, pirated music players, etc.

    Blacklisting in SAM can discover and identify software that was not authorized and flag it as a candidate for removal. Blacklisting facilitates a customer’s ability to enforce employee compliance and achieve security objectives.

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