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Software Asset Management

Software can represent more than 20% of IT budgets and managing it can be complicated. CIOs spend time worrying about several software vendor audits per year. At the same time, millions of dollars are being spent on underutilized licenses. Customers with point solutions that require integration or who manually consolidate spreadsheets face day‑to‑day business disruption caused by audits and are not able to reduce year‑over‑year software spend.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management enables organizations to utilize a single system of action that helps them seamlessly transform from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture that is always audit ready and that optimizes license spend.

See Software Asset Management in Action

ServiceNow Software Asset Management

See Software Asset Management in Action

Normalize Software Inventory

Leverage an extensive software library to aid in the normalization process and connect what is purchased with what is discovered in your environment

Benefit from a customer community who opts in to crowd source software discovery updates that drive exponential growth of the library

Capitalize on the broad range of publishers, products, and more in the software library to eliminate the manual activities of software asset management

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Automate Compliance

Tap into our automated reconciliation engine, which provides up‑to‑date compliance positions for software publishers

Utilize the single‑pane view of software trends or effortlessly drill into the details to identify the source of non‑compliance and excessive spending

Display real‑time compliance positions through performance analytics, available through mobile, interactive dashboards

Receive alerts of potential issues before they occur

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Reduce and Avoid Software Spend

Take control of software spend and compliance at the source by leveraging the Service Catalog to automate the request and allocation processes

Reassign, reclaim, and revoke unused software to report a budget surplus and eliminate shelfware

Share clear, real‑time visualizations of cost and usage trends to establish a single version of truth for strategic annual planning and decision making

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Expand on the Power of the Now Platform

Use a single System of Action™ to orchestrate the full cycle of software management from request fulfillment to discovery to reconciliation and analytics, all within one platform

Native process workflows automate the harvesting of unused software and the procurement of additional license rights

Reduce the blockage between people‑to people, people‑to‑system, and system‑ to‑system interactions so that the enterprise operates at Lightspeed™

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