Building a more resilient business with the Now Platform Tokyo release

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September 22, 2022

Business resilience: employees walking through an office

Organizations today—and the people who run them—face unprecedented challenges. Executives are under pressure to make faster, smarter decisions and drive innovation while struggling to maintain day-to-day operations. Leaders are betting on platforms they trust to help them thrive in uncertain times.

The Now Platform® Tokyo release is designed to tackle complex, interconnected problems and deliver value across the enterprise. It helps boost efficiency and business resilience.

Reinventing task management with AI

Leading organizations are laser-focused on their customers. Those customers have high expectations. Customer service agents need to deliver on those expectations while managing caseloads and staying on top of critical issues.

Task Intelligence for Customer Service Management helps users triage cases with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is accessible to everyone with the guided, data-driven experience of Task Intelligence Admin Console. Sentiment Analysis helps ensure agents can quickly understand the tone of any communication and prioritize urgent, sensitive cases.

This frees customer service agents to spend their valuable time solving the customer problems most critical to the business.

Managing the automation lifecycle

To mitigate supply chain disruptions and lagging production, organizations need a way to intelligently manage vendor automation. The Tokyo release introduces Automation Center to enable IT teams to maximize the business impact of automation.

Automation Center

IT teams can save time by easily managing the automation lifecycle, from intake to workflow to publishing. Users gain a complete picture of the entire hyperautomation landscape, integrating siloed automation from across vendors into one cohesive, cross-enterprise view.

Optimizing business operations

Enterprises run operations on a massive scale. Improving the efficiency of those operations can yield tremendous business value.

Enhancements to Order Management for Customer Service Management streamline the way customer service agents view and manage product catalogs, leading to better customer service experiences. And Schedule Optimization for Field Service Management analyzes work schedules, skill sets, parts, and other constraints to assign the best person to any job.

Reducing outages and fueling growth

Configuration changes can cause costly outages and create extra work for DevOps teams. With DevOps Config, teams can reduce business disruptions by centralizing configuration management, security, and validation within development pipelines. The Now Platform enables users to apply access controls and validation policies to reduce incorrect configurations.

A key part of operational resilience is expecting the unexpected. Although users can’t predict everything, preparing for disruption helps reduce risk. Operational Resilience Management assists with that by providing a holistic view of potential threats to business services.

Teams that want to plan ahead can use Scenario Analysis to design and simulate scenarios that pose a risk to the organization.

To meet heightened demand, communications service providers (CSPs) must find ways to deliver digital services that fuel growth and optimize network investments. The new Telecommunications Network Inventory helps enable CSPs to build networks with service delivery, care, and assurance in mind—all on one platform.

Network Inventory Workspace

Focusing on employees

Employee experience is critical, especially when many organizations are experiencing increased attrition and staffing shortages. A key component is how organizations respond when things go wrong. The Tokyo release provides new workflows to manage employee complaints, simplifying the process without sacrificing privacy or sensitivity.

Employees can submit complaints via the channel that feels most comfortable to them, including email or the Employee Resource Center, an anonymous reporting hub.

With the new Legal Investigations workflow, part of Legal Service Delivery, legal teams assigned to these complaints are automatically provided a formalized but customizable set of policies. Teams also receive steps to follow during interviews, evidence collection, and other tasks.

Organizations are prepared to resolve employee complaints, providing the best employee experience possible.

The Now Platform Tokyo release continues our commitment to make the world work better for everyone. Find out more about the innovations in the Tokyo release

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