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Operational Resilience Management

Anticipate, prevent, respond, and adapt to business disruptions. Serve customers, deliver products, and protect your workforce—better.

Benefits of Operational Resilience Management

Improve resilience and business results

Minimize the likelihood, impact, and recovery time of disasters, outages, and security incidents.

Increase productivity and scale

Prioritize the most critical concerns using in-the-moment context about risk, threats, and impact.

Satisfy regulatory and executive scrutiny

Oversee compliance and controls in real time with out-of-the-box risk frameworks and accelerators.

Prevent and minimize operational disruptions

Monitor risk and controls continuously across your critical business services.

Features of Operational Resilience Management

Manage metrics & dependences for business service risks

Service risk management

Define and prioritize metrics and dependencies for business service risks, controls, and tolerances.

Monitor critical services & get insights in real time

Continuous monitoring

Get insights and oversee risks, controls, incidents, vulnerabilities, and issues in real time.

Analyze the impact of disruptions on people & products

Impact tolerance assessments

Analyze the potential impact of disruptions on customers, employees, products, and technology.

Plan, conduct, and analyze simulations of adverse events.

Scenario analysis

Assess the potential impact of events on business services, track actions, and improve efficiency.

Additional features

Operational resilience workspace

Contextualize risk and resilience activities across your organization, all from one screen.

360-degree view

Visualize process, technology, people, suppliers, and facilities dependencies and resilience metrics.

Dynamic reporting

Monitor progress and report on insights to show your organization’s overall resilience.

Cybersecurity contextualization

Integrate cybersecurity posture into your resilience management program.

Unified architecture, single data model

Develop a comprehensive, organization-wide resilience management program.

My tasks dashboard

Track and act on all the operational resilience tasks assigned to individuals or teams.

Operational Resilience with Governance Risk and Compliance

How to get Operational Resilience Management

Operational Resilience Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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