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Operational Resilience Management

Monitor and manage changing risks and controls across your enterprise in real time. Navigate disruptions and seize opportunities.

Benefits of Operational Resilience Management

Make better decisions

Understand and explain risk and resilience in business terms for smarter decision-making.

Avoid data entry errors

Cross-leverage operational data that’s consistent and reliable for risk-related activities.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Keep up by continuously monitoring risk and controls against data from your daily operations.

Accelerate adoption

Get users on board by embedding risk and intelligence workflows into daily activities.

Features of Operational Resilience Management

Put risk in context with reporting dashboards

Risk contextualization

Access reporting dashboards that include business context around risk and resilience.

Monitor critical services with reliable data

Continuous monitoring

Track risk, controls, and incidents for key business services using existing operational data.

Perform stress tests with scenario analysis

Scenario analysis

Run scenarios to stress-test business services and determine the breaking point.

Analyze potential impacts and tolerances

Impact tolerance testing

Analyze the potential impact on customers, your organization, and regulatory compliance.

Operational Resilience with Governance Risk and Compliance

How to get Operational Resilience Management

Operational Resilience is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Connect security and IT with an integrated risk management program.

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