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Task Intelligence

Boost agent productivity with automated task creation, triage, and investigation. Spend less time receiving and preparing so customers get answers fast.

Benefits of Task Intelligence

Make life easier for your agents

Give service agents and process owners the power of AI—no data science expertise needed.

Focus on meaningful, high-value work

Automatically extract relevant information to route issues to the right team for the right response.

Boost productivity and customer satisfaction

Work faster and smarter to solve issues for improved customer service and experiences.

Deliver intuitive experiences for your AI journey

Define, train, assess, and deploy models easily with simple setup and guided experiences.

Features of Task Intelligence

Prioritize issues with Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis

Prioritize issues based on user sentiment.

Automated task creation and field population


Minimize delays by routing issues to the correct team for faster response.

Use the admin console to define and train AI models

Admin console

Create and train AI models easily with a guided experience, and review outcomes before you deploy.

Route cases faster using intelligent language detection

Language detection

Detect languages instantly using AI. Route cases intelligently and faster to skilled agents.

This app is available with Customer Service Management

How to get Task Intelligence

Task Intelligence is available with Customer Service Management. Improve service operations and engage your customers.

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