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September 16, 2020

Business Continuity Management and Telecommunications Network Performance Management


The world is experiencing a seismic shift from the obsolete "business process evolution" to the new "workflow revolution." Companies across industries are facing once-in-a-generation challenges. They are trying to keep their businesses on track and get their people back to work.  ServiceNow is committed to helping businesses capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation to boost agility and resilience in this next normal work environment.  

With the Now Platform Paris release, we are offering powerful new capabilities that can help enterprises fuel growth and strengthen business resilience, while enhancing employee productivity and customer loyalty. These are all critical to surviving in the COVID economy.

Paris includes six new products that help organizations leverage one platform to optimize IT productivity, cost, and resilience, drive customer loyalty, deliver the right employee experience anywhere, and create new workflow apps fast. 

  • Business Continuity Management unveils modern, automated business impact analysis, business continuity plan development, and crisis management leveraging context within the Now Platform to enable operational resilience. 

  • Financial Services Operations helps retail banks connect teams and systems in the front, middle, and back office to more quickly serve customers.

  • Hardware Asset Management automates the IT asset lifecycle by tracking the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices to make smarter decisions from purchase to disposal.

  • Legal Service Delivery provides legal operations the visibility they need to make decisions fast and enhance productivity by eliminating manual emails and phone calls. 

  • Telecommunications Network Performance Management provides network operations teams with a unified view of the install base and the ability to analyze, correlate, and resolve events and alarms originating across multiple network monitoring platforms.

Check out our Now Platform Paris release press release for more details on all these solutions. Here I’d like to dig a little deeper into some new Paris features that we designed to make work flow across your organization. 


Financial Services Operations, Legal Service Delivery, Telecommunications Service Management, among other product releases

First, some good news for the vast majority of business professionals who don’t write code for a living. Process Automation Designer enables business process owners to manage complex cross-enterprise workflows by creating no-code playbooks. It connects multiple workflows, systems, and actions into a single end-to-end to process. 

Good news for employees…
On the employee workflow front, Now Intelligence for HR Service Delivery (HRSD) allows service agents to resolve cases much faster with machine learning while providing more personalized experiences to employees. HR Agent Workspace helps improve productivity and deliver a better employee experience, by closing cases faster with AI-assisted recommendations. 

Campaign Builder is a very cool employee feature that allows businesses to proactively engage and inform their employees, especially in uncertain times. This solution makes it easier to deliver the right information at the right time, to the right employees.  

Finally, Employee Relations helps employees navigate challenging issues and promote fairness in the workplace with a standard, consistent way to submit cases. It allows HR agents to keep sensitive employee cases confidential and resolve issues faster.

"ServiceNow advantage is one architecture, great workflows and experiences.", quote by CJ Desai, Chief Product Officer at ServiceNow

And customers!
Turning to customer workflows, Customer Central improves visualization of customer information for agents and empowers them to resolve customer issues faster, expanding customer service capacity. 

Field Service Contractor Management enables businesses to easily manage and track work assigned to third parties, improving relationships between field service organizations and their contractors and providing better customer experiences.  

And who says playbooks are just for athletes? Playbooks for Customer Service Management improve customer service experiences by guiding agents through resolution steps with a pre-built playbook. The playbook defines data, tasks and steps needed to automate processes across middle office teams and empowers agents to monitor progress. 

Smart capabilities for IT
In these uncertain times, business resiliency has never been more important. Application Vulnerability Management  ensures resiliency in case of application vulnerability. It extends visibility into vulnerabilities from infrastructure to applications and drives an orchestrated response for faster remediation.

Predictive Intelligence Workbench empowers process owners to be more productive and  resolve issues faster with ML-based automation that’s easy to set up.  And Vendor Engagements assess risk for vendors to ensure resilient operation. This product creates engagements for any vendor in the organizational hierarchy, assesses each engagement based on area of risk and creates a risk score. 

Last but certainly not least: The ServiceNow advantage is one architecture, one data model, one born-in-the-cloud platform that delivers great workflows and experiences. Our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is core to this one platform approach.  So I’m really excited to introduce the Service Graph Connector Program, a new designation within the Technology Partner Program which ensures that many of the third-party tools that businesses rely on today are directly integrated with ServiceNow to increase data quality and reliability. The CMDB supports all our workflows and is crucial in running a resilient operation. Service Graph Connectors are part of ITOM visibility and represent a significant advance in CMDB technology.

Paris is the seventh platform release that I’ve overseen at ServiceNow. I’m so proud of the global engineering, product, and design teams that worked tirelessly amid a global pandemic to ship the Now Platform Paris Release on time while delivering high-quality innovation.

We look forward to partnering with our customers as they bring Paris to life! And we’re already hard at work on the next Now Platform release, which will deliver more intelligent workflows that provide even better experiences for customers and employees.

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