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BigCode Governance Card


The BigCode Governance Card serves as an overview of the different mechanisms and areas of governance in the BigCode project. It aims to support transparency by providing relevant information about choices that were made during the project to the broader public, and to serve as an example of intentional governance of an open research project that future endeavors can leverage to shape their own approach.

The first section, Project Structure, covers the project organization, its stated goals and values, its internal decision processes, and its funding and resources.

The second section, Data and Model Governance, covers decisions relating to the questions of data subject consent, privacy, and model release.

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Sean Hughes
Sean Hughes
AI Ecosystem Director

AI Ecosystem Director at Large Language Models Lab located at San Diego, CA, US.

Harm de Vries
Harm de Vries
Research Lead

Research Lead at Large Language Models Lab located at Amsterdam, Holland.

Sébastien Paquet
Sébastien Paquet
Manager of Research Programs

Manager of Research Programs at Research Management located at Montreal, QC, Canada.