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Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes

AI Ecosystem Director

Large Language Models Lab

Sean Hughes is the AI Ecosystem Director at ServiceNow, Inc. where he is an extended member of the ServiceNow Research, Large Language Models Lab. In this capacity, Sean helps manage the BigCode Project, an open-scientific collaboration jointly led by Hugging Face and ServiceNow towards the responsible development and use of large language models, empowering the machine learning and open-source communities through open governance. Sean also has responsibilities in ServiceNow’s Outbound Product Management team for Go To Market enablement and adoption for ServiceNow’s Generative AI and AI Search products.

Sean has a broad background in greenfield enterprise technology innovation at ServiceNow Inc., Intel Corporation, Actian Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Hewlett Packard Company. With more than 25 years of technology industry experience, he has built his career on a foundation of cross-functional business systems analysis, program-, product-, and community-management. Sean has cemented his kinship with the AI research, developer, and open-source communities over the last 10 years, helping to drive partnerships, awareness, and engagement (research, development, adoption) across the AI ecosystem.

  • Large Code Models
  • Large Language Models


SantaCoder: don't reach for the stars!. Workshop at the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR),  2023.

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