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Denis Kocetkov

Denis Kocetkov

AI Developer

Large Language Models Lab

Denis is an AI Developer in the Emerging Technologies Lab at ServiceNow Research. He is interested in large language models and optimization of algorithms for speed and performance on distributed systems. Before joining ElementAI and subsequently ServiceNow, Denis worked on projects in the fields of computer vision, object recognition and video processing, biometrics, domain specific languages and DBs. After joining the company, he worked in the AI for Good team, later in ARL, and contributed to various projects including: metric few shots learning algorithms, stability analysis, satellite image objects recognition (analysis of villages destruction in Darfur civil war), satellite video stabilization and objects tracking, searching for objects in online media (like tear gas canisters detection in protests videos and photos), synthetic image generation to augment existing data in low data environments, and financial time series analysis. In various projects his contribution is from initial research and prototyping phase up to final product release.

Skills at hand: Python, C++, CUDA, parallel systems, computer vision, object recognition, biometrics, video analysis, satellite image and video processing, synthetic image generation, neural networks, time series, large language models, data ingress and processing, algorithms optimisation and prototyping.

Personal: Has a dog, does some sports


SantaCoder: don't reach for the stars!. Workshop at the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR),  2023.

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