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Raymond Li

Raymond Li

AI Developer

Human Machine Interaction Through Language

Raymond is a Research Developer in the Human-Machine Interaction Through Language program at ServiceNow Research. His research advances the path towards more natural interactions between humans and machines, using language as an interface. At ServiceNow Research, his work has focused on various NLP topics such as summarization and text-to-SQL. He now primarily works on semantic parsing and code generation problems. Raymond’s background is in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He holds a Master’s and engineering degree from École Polytechnique (France) as well as a MSc. in Computer Science from Polytechnique Montreal where he was supervised by Christopher Pal.

  • Large Language Models
  • Summarization
  • Large Code Models


DuoRAT: Towards Simpler Text-to-SQL Models. North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL),  2021.

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