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Maxime Gasse

Maxime Gasse

Research Scientist

Human Decision Support

Maxime is a Senior Research Scientist at ServiceNow. He is also an adjunct professor at Polytechnique Montreal (by courtesy), and an associate member of the Mila research institute. Before joining ServiceNow Maxime obtained a PhD on Bayesian networks and probabilistic graphical models in Lyon, France, and conducted two interdisciplinary postdocs on machine learning for medical imaging, and machine learning for combinatorial optimization.

Maxime is fascinated by the question of artificial intelligence, and is currently focused on investigating if and how ideas from the field of causality can help in the design of autonomous learning agents. Maxime’s research lies at the intersection of causal inference and reinforcement learning, and is part of ServiceNow’s Human Decision Support research program.

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Causality