ServiceNow Research

Miguel Muñoz-Mármol

Miguel Muñoz-Mármol

AI Developer

Emerging Technologies Lab

Miguel is an AI Developer in the Emerging Technologies Lab at ServiceNow Research. He holds a Computer Science, Software Engineering BSc degree and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Miguel has broad expertise in the research, development, and productization of the whole life cycle of Machine Learning systems, with special focus on Natural Language Processing applications. Most recently, he has lead, developed, and delivered products and proofs-of-concept for document classification, clustering, and entity extraction; he has developed virtual agents’ intent classification and information extraction solutions; as well as worked in anomaly detection and computer vision systems. 

Working with software developers, research scientists, and machine learning engineers, Miguel strives to bridge the gap between innovation and research, and real-world applications. As a life-long learner, his latest interests range from topics like ML Operations, engineering, and scalability to topics like application and usability of Deep NLP solutions.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Engineering