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May 17, 2023

2023 Worldwide Partner Award Winner: 3 duos of people shaking hands

At ServiceNow, we value our partnerships, which are built on mutual trust. We strive to create intimate partnerships that celebrate our partners’ unique contributions to the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Each year, we’re honored to recognize our top-performing partners with ServiceNow Worldwide Partner Awards. I’m thrilled to announce the following winners, all of which showed incredible revenue growth and commitment to ServiceNow in 2022, a year of global business and economic challenges.

App Development Platform

Curriculum management system maker CourseLoop is one of our most strategic partners in higher education. The company continues to grow rapidly, expanding its business around the world.

Emerging Growth Markets

Wipro won the first HR Service Delivery-sourced managed service provider deal that benefits more than 80,000 employees and landed the largest ServiceNow deal in Latin America. The company launched an offering that integrates augmented reality with Field Service Management for the manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, and technology industries.

Accelerated Growth

EY won this award for excellence in accelerating year-over-year growth globally. In the Asia Pacific Japan region, the company substantially increased growth of net-new annual contract value year over year.

Emerging Service Provider

Germany-based T-Systems drove the most business with the highest net-new annual contract value in emerging regions around the world. This partner and its subsidiary, Operational Services, led the transformation of a public sector agency with the power of the Now Platform to accelerate employment opportunities.

Service Provider

With one of the largest practices focused on ServiceNow, Infosys Technologies won this category for the fifth year in a row. The company has dominated the landscape as the world’s largest service provider. Its deals span nearly all business units and industries across the globe.

Built on ServiceNow

This is a new award for the partner that delivered game-changing solutions. A pure-player partner dedicated to transforming the way manufacturing processes and shop floor productivity work within multiple industries, 4Industry built solutions with positive impact.

Built with ServiceNow

Another new award, this one highlights the partner that created multiple transformational offerings that delivered outstanding value and outcomes. Deloitte Consulting has top-tier offerings that span every workflow, with specific tier 1 offerings in employee, creator, and technology workflows.

Specialist Segment

This award recognizes the Specialist Partner that achieved overall excellence in certification and revenue growth. Atea A/S participated in three of our program modules and demonstrated deep understanding of how to deliver customer success on the Now Platform.

Premier Segment

Although relatively new, Premier Partner Leidos Holdings is one of the biggest global systems integrators and defense systems providers. It too participated in three program modules and brought several new sourced opportunities to ServiceNow.

Elite Segment

Fujitsu Services demonstrated its commitment to ServiceNow through its ever-expanding business portfolio. Fujitsu successfully partnered with and won key governance, risk, and compliance transformation programs for our joint customers across several industries.

Creator Workflow

Thirdera continues to push the ServiceNow brand and platform to new heights by delivering customer value in low-code development. Its workflow designs have unlocked efficiency and delivered transformation and automation to our joint customers.

Customer Workflow

Time after time, NewRocket delivers extraordinary results by driving efficiencies across multiple industries, including food and beverage, government, and healthcare. This partner did an outstanding job of expanding its ServiceNow customer service cloud practice.

Employee Workflow

In 2022, Deloitte co-created and launched an offering that accelerates time to value, improves productivity, and provides employees with a consumer-like experience. The company has helped hundreds of clients through their HR transformation journeys using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.

IT Workflow

Accenture excels at helping clients across all industries transform their IT landscapes. The partner continues to innovate and prove the power of the Now Platform through its offerings, which are aligned to its cloud continuum leadership with clients.

Financial Services Industry

proved to be a global influencer for ServiceNow in the financial services industry in 2022. The firm created a risk offering that’s tightly integrated with ServiceNow Financial Services Operations.

Telco Industry

is one of our top partners to source and influence revenue on telco products across multiple major corporations around the world. The company built a telco offering that helps companies streamline their end-to-end operations.

Healthcare Industry

Using the ServiceNow healthcare data model and the AI capabilities of the Now Platform, KPMG built a solution that creates great patient and employee experiences. This partner is transforming the way hospital systems and healthcare providers prioritize, schedule, and execute surgeries and other medical procedures.

Manufacturing Industry

continues to build new core functionalities centered on supply chain resilience, sustainability, and compliance monitoring. It successfully delivered a Connected Supply Chain Control Tower and Shop Floor Operational Technology Management offering at large automotive companies and tier 1 suppliers worldwide.

Emerging Industry

Servos created the first public sector offering launched in FY22 and the first offering to use the Public Sector Digital Services Industry Workflow SKU.


used the power of our industry strategy to do some truly transformational work with clients. The company has built a solid foundation to continue to expand its capabilities across the Now Platform.


And the overall Partner of the Year Award goes to Accenture, which is redefining what partnership means and taking it to a whole new level. The company is a juggernaut that’s helped launch ServiceNow into orbit. With Accenture, we’ve closed deals in nearly every segment of business across the globe.

Congratulations to all the winners! I’m amazed at everything they accomplished in 2022 and can’t wait to see what they do in 2023.

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Welcome to the 2023 Worldwide Partner Awards.


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