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About Accenture

Accenture is a leader in helping organizations move to the cloud where applications, infrastructure and business processes are brought together and delivered As-a-Service. Accenture has worked on more than 20,000 cloud projects, including three-quarters of the Fortune Global 100, and has approximately 44,000 professionals trained in cloud computing. The company has been innovating in cloud technology for over a decade and holds more than 200 granted patents and pending applications across its global cloud portfolio. Our ServiceNow practice helps organizations manage their cloud environment and enable key business processes – a combination that fundamentally changes the delivery, management and consumption of services. Accenture is one of only five Global Strategic Partners, ServiceNow's highest partner designation. We have deep, global resources to help organizations coordinate services across your enterprise for greater speed, agility and efficiency – all delivered at scale.

ServiceNow Designations & Awards

Authorized Training Partner, Training Partner
Global Partner Award 2020
Americas Regional Partner Award 2020
EMEA Regional Partner Award 2020

Industry Solutions

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Telecom Media Technology
Intelligent Network Operations
view more - Proactive Customer Care
Telecom Media Technology
Proactive Customer Care

ServiceNow Expertise

  • Certified Master Architect (CMA)


Product Line Certifications

Customer Service Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Customer Service Management 127
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Field Service Management 4
  • Suite Certification - CSM Professional 51
Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance 58
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vendor Risk Management 13
HR Service Delivery
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources 216
  • Suite Certification - HR Enterprise 72
  • Suite Certification - HR Professional 91
IT Asset Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management 38
IT Business Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management 21
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Financial Management 1
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management 83
IT Operations Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Cloud Provisioning and Governance 5
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery 99
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management 74
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping 41
IT Service Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management 783
  • Suite Certification - ITSM Professional 205
Now Platform App Engine
  • ServiceNow Certified Application Developer 356
Security Operations
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Security Incident Response 29
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vulnerability Response 31

Country and Region Coverage

ServiceNow Resale Territory

  • AMS

    Canada, United States, Brazil

  • APJ

    Thailand, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand

  • EMEA

    Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Poland, South Africa

Partner Locations

  • AMS

    Canada, United States, Brazil, Chile

  • APJ

    Thailand, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia

  • EMEA

    Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Mauritius, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Poland, South Africa


Chicago, Illinois, United States

ServiceNow Partner Type

Sales, Service Provider, Services, Technology

Product Line Expertise

IT Service Management, Security Operations, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Now Platform App Engine, Governance, Risk and Compliance, IT Asset Management


Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare and Life sciences, Manufacturing, Service Provider, Telecom Media Technology

Customer Satisfaction Score

4.45 out of 5 from Responses

ServiceNow Store

Store Application(s)

Target Company Size


What is this?

The ServiceNow Services Partner Program requires our implementation partners to register their services engagement projects. Upon project completion, our implementation partners submit customer information which ServiceNow uses to conduct a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey on behalf of the partner to measure success and gather feedback, which we use to continually improve. CSAT ratings may not reflect input from all customers of each partner.

How is this calculated?
The CSAT score, based on the 5-level Likert scale, is converted into numeric values ranging from 1-to-5, which 5 being the highest possible score. Each partner's CSAT rating is equal to a rolling 365-day average score of customer responses received across completed engagement.