ServiceNow Named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

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October 05, 2020

Gartner Magic Quadrant scatterplot

We are thrilled to be named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, based on Gartner’s evaluation of ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine (Orlando release). We believe this recognition validates our industry position and investment in the low-code application development space.

The low code opportunity

Today’s business climate has accelerated digital transformation. With skilled developers in short supply, enterprises are looking to business users (often called citizen developers) to accelerate digital innovation by building new applications using low-code tools. ServiceNow’s App Engine offering, built on the Now Platform®, addresses the market demand for faster application development and rapid automation of LOB processes. App Engine is uniquely positioned as a strategic platform of choice for organizations looking to standardize on a low-code platform across the enterprise.

The App Engine advantage

App Engine advances our low-code vision in three key areas:

Speed - Productivity and high degree of reuse with team development

To achieve wide adoption of low-code outside the IT department, LCAP platforms must provide an easy build experience for citizen developers. App Engine democratizes application development by providing a simple, intuitive build experience, abstracted from the complexity of traditional software development.

App Engine helps citizen developers get to application outcomes faster. It includes the following out-of-the-box features offered on a complete, pre-integrated, cloud-native platform.

  • Start fast with a proven framework for your data. App Engine provides a proven common data model out of the box, based on best practices from enterprise customers.

  • Add rich, purpose-built features effortlessly. Ready-made service components such as Service Portal, Catalog, Workspaces, and Knowledge Management are available for developer consumption. App Engine developers can rapidly generate feature-rich applications that are highly personalized for end-user personas.

  • Automating workflows across the enterprise is a breeze. App Engine’s process automation tool, Flow Designer, enables developers to compose no-code workflows. Through Process Automation Designer, developers can rapidly assemble complex, cross-enterprise workflows that involve multiple departments and workflows with the ease of a kanban board experience.

  • Connectivity beyond ServiceNow is built-in with process automation. Via IntegrationHub spokes, App Engine provides 1000s of run-ready native connectivity to 100+ critical infrastructure, applications, and RPA platforms. IntegrationHub provides deep connectivity support with a fast and easy no/low-code experience, allowing developers to connect however they want - from complex data structures to asynchronous, bi-directional integrations.

  • Quickly inject advanced analytics and AI into your apps. App Engine delivers native, secure, in-platform analytics and AI/ML optimized for service decision-making, optimization, and prediction.

  • Accelerate your development with team collaboration and reuse. The App Engine app dev process allows citizen and pro developers to collaborate in a single environment. With our native component-sharing and reuse, low-code developers can move fast, while pro developers can work on harder problems. The Delegated Development feature enables developers at different skill levels to assemble their work naturally and efficiently.

Experience – Modern, familiar, consistent app experience across the enterprise

All App Engine apps live on a common data model, platform, and architecture. Workflows, actions, and data structures are also shared across the entire platform instance. This unique design allows developers to eliminate siloed experiences by building “apps without borders” on ServiceNow, the Platform of Platforms.

Using the Now Experience, Mobile, and Virtual Agent features, developers can deliver modern, multi-channel, consumer-grade experiences with components that are natively service-aware. App Engine provides auto-generated default UX and the ability to personalize, tailor, and extend.

With experience features such as Service Portal, Workspace, and Playbook, App Engine enables organizations to seamlessly roll out new applications to lines of business while providing standardized experiences that end users already know and love.

Trust - Scale low-code app dev with required IT governance via support for fusion teams

Successful low-code adoption requires proper governance and oversight from IT. This ensures service level management and accountability while preventing application sprawl. App Engine provides automated testing, source control, CI/CD support, and common best practices in governance to bring LOB and IT together. In this way, IT supports LOB agility by providing security, oversight, and consistent visibility across the enterprise. These are the critical elements of low-code success at scale.

For our many customers who already rely on the Now Platform for IT, employee, or customer service workflows, no additional implementation is required. Simply start building and deploying new business applications with App Engine across the enterprise on a proven and trusted cloud platform.


App Engine customers benefit greatly from a thriving ecosystem, with a vibrant developer community that has grown 50% year over year. Our store currently features solutions and templates from 700+ software vendors.

Pushing the low-code envelope

As more and more customers around the world use App Engine to build new applications with low code at speed and scale across all lines of businesses and industries, we are excited to see how they are generating business outcomes and growth.

Founded on decades of engineering expertise delivering industry-leading service experiences and cross-departmental digital workflows, App Engine unleashes the unique power of our platform. It allows organizations to build rich, complex, low-code applications quickly, easily, and at scale. This helps make the world of work, work better for people.

We are currently building an even simpler first-mile experience to expand the reach of App Engine to the next generation of developers. We can’t wait to share these new and exciting innovations in our next release.

Get started quickly on low code

New to App Engine? Our builder series guides you through the steps needed to tackle workflow requirements with no code and low code. Become a Now Creator to build skills and reinvent how work gets done. Join our developer program to get training, early release access, free development instances, and much more.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms report can be found here.

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