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Knowledge Management

Knowledge‑finding is a helpdesk issue in most businesses, but it doesn't need to be. ServiceNow Knowledge Management captures knowledge from across the organization, and packages and makes it readily available for the shared use of employees. Using Knowledge Management, IT personnel can leverage knowledge articles to resolve users’ issues faster, and employees can find information on topics ranging from new device installation to HR policies and legal guidelines without contacting the help desk or chasing answers through endless email chains.

Interactive dashboards allow you to quickly identify the effectiveness of your KM article

Create and Share Knowledge Faster

Interactive dashboards allow you to quickly identify the effectiveness of your KM article

Rapid and Intuitive Knowledge Creation through Social Q&A

Social Q&A

Rapid and Intuitive Knowledge Creation through Social Q&A

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Both IT delivery groups and employees from across the organization are looking for faster ways to find information, solve problems, and improve productivity. Knowledge Management is a key enabler in helping organizations solve problems faster and at a lower cost. With Knowledge Management as an integral part of its core ITSM suite, ServiceNow helps customers empower their employees through self‑service, deflect up to 25% of the incident volume, and reduce the number of escalations in the Service Desk.

Improve Workforce Effectiveness Through Self Help

Empower employees to easily search for knowledge through a self‑service portal

Expedite knowledge creation and improve workforce engagement through social Q&A

Analyze knowledge consumption trends and take proactive action to improve service delivery

Expand knowledge management outside of IT with multi‑departmental knowledge base support  

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Reduce the Costs of Service Delivery

Reduce the number of escalations to level 2 and level 3 by equipping service desk technicians with actionable knowledge articles for most common problems

Integrate knowledge directly from incidents, problems, and change requests’ resolutions

Bootstrap your knowledge base directly from existing word document library through mass document import

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Deflect the Number of Incidents

Propagate knowledge to prevent incident creation using contextual search

Enable non‑IT users to resolve IT problems, find HR information and policies, and retrieve legal guides with contacting the help desk

Access knowledge articles and get questions to answers on any device, anytime

ServiceNow Man with Phone

Easy Guided Setup

Simplify setup and deploy Knowledge Management in a matter of days — not weeks — with easy‑to‑follow configuration steps and embedded help

Gauge your implementation progress with visual status checks; and get your implementation right the first time without the need for expert assistance

Build expertise on the go with product tours while configuring the ITSM solution to its fullest potential

Knowledge Management

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