Service Portal Deliver mobile-friendly, self-service experiences to your customers and employees with an easy-to-use portal framework.
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Benefits of Service Portal Empower users with self-service Deflect issues with a single portal for everyone to access services, information, and applications. Create engaging experiences Drive user productivity and satisfaction by providing simple and immediate access to resources. Increase accuracy and speed Build end-to-end self-service portals quickly and smoothly with an easy-to-use, modular UI.
Features of Service Portal Intuitive, modular design Create and configure engaging and robust self-service experiences with a user-friendly interface. Unified service center Deliver a unified, multi-department portal to keep employees engaged, productive, and informed. AI-powered search Connect users to what they’re looking for in a powerful, consumer-grade search experience. Cross-device compatibility Integrate seamlessly with mobile apps to give users access whenever and wherever they need it.
How to get Service Portal Service Portal is available with the Now Platform. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business. Explore Platform
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