The modern, digital factory

How manufacturers can get to Industry 4.0
Learn how supply chain digitization can help manufacturers meet logistics challenges.

How manufacturers can better digitize their supply chains

Industry experts weigh in on solutions to an urgent global problem


Learn how manufacturers can meet the ESG challenge

How manufacturers can meet the ESG challenge

As factories digitize their operations and supply chains, they must accelerate ESG tracking and measurement efforts to maintain competitive advantage

How the pandemic helped city leaders in Los Angeles raise the metro's digital IQ with new citizen services.

Transforming the auto industry with Henrik Fisker

Learn how Fisker Automotive is reimagining carmaking for the digital age

Wanted: Digital skills for smart factories

With digital skills in short supply, companies are looking for innovative ways to staff the factories of the future.

The promise of IoT’s last mile

With trillions of dollars in the balance, the technology’s promise needs to match expectations.

To execute on ESG goals, the entire supply chain must be aligned to deliver results.

Allen Hackman
AVP and GM of global manufacturing industry solutions at ServiceNow

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