Australia’s golden opportunity

How leaders can embrace AI to transform our lives and work
A lighted hallway leading to a void

A digital gold rush will be built on AI

By automating routine tasks, AI can make work easier, faster, and more meaningful


A pixelated face

The ‘Wild West’ era of AI is over

Artificial intelligence promises to transform work and life in Australia, if it’s deployed with careful planning and safeguards

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Betting the future on innovation

Innovation expert Amantha Imber calls for Australian organisations to adopt new workstyles and AI to insulate against an uncertain year


CX and EX are one

Leading companies merge customer and employee experiences to thrive


Organisations need responsible AI

With AI pervasive across work and life, building trust in its use is a business imperative


Meet your ‘machine mate’

AI can boost productivity, allowing companies to lower costs, lift profits, and provide better experiences for their employees


Let’s get personal

Aussie workers want bespoke experiences at work—and they expect their bosses to know it

Over the next decade, AI will be widespread in life and work. This will improve everyday activities, making tasks faster, smarter, and simpler.

Dr. Catriona Wallace
AI expert and professor

Building an experience company

Why an integrated employee and customer experience is greater than the sum of its parts

Share me the details

Hyper-personalised experiences blur the line between employee and customer

Working through divisions

AI tools can help leaders engage employees with empathy


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Digital gold rush

Finding Australia’s new common wealth: Why ethical AI, human-machine teams, digital identity and diverse perspectives will transform the next decade

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AI in the enterprise

How artificial intelligence is transforming work


Powering new ways of working

When transformation is done right, amazing things happen


The new world of work

A roadmap for Australian business leaders