Digital healthcare in focus

Ideas and resources to improve healthcare delivery
Health programs that use digital platforms to manage the patient experience improve outcomes.

The new patient experience must include digital tools

Digitally managed clinical care may improve outcomes and lower costs for patients with chronic conditions

Perspectives and insights

Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with digital experience expectations.

Healthcare labors to provide digital experiences without complexity

Medical staff and patients want digital experiences, but providers are struggling to keep up with their expectations

We must continue to apply digital innovation from COVID-19 to build a more equitable future.

Innovation creates a more equitable future

Pandemic-inspired ideas can solve some of the bigger challenges in healthcare, employee experience, and workplace diversity and inclusion.


The race to vaccinate a nation with Deryck Mitchelson

Learn how NHS National Services Scotland is using digital workflows to vaccinate 5.5 million residents in record time

Crash Course

How digital workflows transform healthcare

Healthcare organizations need them to better manage future health crises

The COVID-19 crisis was the innovation spark; now, it’s up to us to ensure it catches, in service of a brighter, more human-centric future.”

Dave Wright
Chief innovation officer at ServiceNow

Expert resources

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Infographic on providing modern patient experience

Patient experience matters—more than ever

Infographic on providing modern healthcare

Making strides to modernize healthcare

Solution brief

Execute contracts from anywhere

Case study

Orbita transforms nurse and patient hospital experiences with ServiceNow


Vaccine management reunites mother and daughter after COVID-19