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CRASH COURSE | June 30, 2022

Leadership lessons for the digital enterprise

The shift to digital operating models requires intensive change management. Here’s what leaders need to know.

Excellent customer experiences are the foundation for loyalty, while one bad experience can cause a customer to abandon a brand forever. Yet high-quality digital customer experience is still a work in progress for many companies, even more so given the challenges posed by the pandemic and the quick shift to digital-first consumption.

Technologies, such as AI, and innovative digital strategies are making it easier than ever for companies to create positive experiences and address complaints when they arise. In this Crash Course, we explore why good customer experiences are so difficult to create and maintain, and how to improve them.


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How to recession-proof customer experience

Customers look for a reason to bolt during a downturn.

Women on the phone


AI joins the conversation

New language tools help customers and agents in real time.

unsatisfied customer


The persistently unsatisfied customer

Companies are still struggling to make their customers happy despite adopting cutting-edge digital CX.

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The future of experience

How rapid evolution of digital experience and how it is delivering measurable value to companies.



Designing better experiences

Tech strategies to help companies craft personalized, up-to-the-minute responses for customers and employees.

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