Rethinking Singapore’s trajectory

Fresh leadership perspectives from Asia
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From cloners to explorers

Singapore’s future depends on its leaders embracing innovation—and difference


APAC: Best practices in resilience and risk management

Learn best practices on how companies are managing risk and improving resilience in this new era of risk.

Facing down regional risks

New research uncovers the diverse responses to macro uncertainty across leaders in Australia, India, Japan, and Singapore. 


Rising with the Tide: APAC Business Priorities Amidst Global Uncertainty

Download the report to gain valuable insights from business leaders in Asia Pacific and Japan for tackling macro uncertainty and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges.


Driving ESG in APAC

Uncover how organisations achieve Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) goals through digital transformation.


Navigating Macro Uncertainty: APAC

Explore how organizations in the Asia Pacific region are tackling macro uncertainty and gain insights into their digital transformation progress.


4 organisational truths to keep Singapore growing

Sustaining the ‘red dot’


Singapore’s skills shortage—all in the mind?

The secret to closing the skills gap in Singapore could be an attitudinal shift toward productivity and personal growth, says ServiceNow Asia HR Director Michael Tan


Singapore’s Next Top Export

Effective ESG policies are in high demand worldwide and Singapore’s track record could put it at the front of the pack in 2023.


Ensuring Singapore’s future growth

Noted Singaporean economist and finance CEO Manu Bhaskaran shares his outlook on how the city-state will keep flourishing in the years ahead

From Day 1 of joining us, we encourage our people to think about how their careers are going to transform.

Ann Ann Low
Senior director for talent development, Asia-Pacific, LinkedIn

Industry insights

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Singapore’s push into ESG investing

Transparent and trustworthy reporting standards made Singapore a regional financial hub. Can it do the same with green investing?

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The man with the most careers

From banking to teaching to sharing career advice with millions, Eric Sim is no stranger to upskilling and professional development. His advice to Singaporeans looking to transform their careers: start small, start now, stay curious.

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Supply chains get a digital makeover

Digital workflows can help ease what ails global logistics

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How risk becomes reward

Asia’s banks are approaching risk management in new ways. What will make their strategy pay off?

Those who take a broader, longer-term view and look at the community as a whole, not just shareholder returns, will do better.

Manu Bhaskaran
CEO, Centennial Advisors Asia