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How the pandemic transformed public sector IT

How the pandemic transformed public sector IT

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Bob Osborn

Perspectives and insights

How the pandemic helped city leaders in Los Angeles raise the metro's digital IQ with new citizen services.

Los Angeles CIO Ted Ross on the power of people-centered tech

How the pandemic helped city leaders in America’s second-largest metro raise their digital IQ

Image of stairs in modern government or public sector building

Taking public services to the next level

As government agencies race to digitize, emerging tech can help


How governments can successfully support a hybrid workforce

Here’s what public sector leaders can do to keep employees healthy and productive—on-site and off


Japan needs a digital overhaul

Japanese companies have been slow to adopt digital operating models. Here’s how local business leaders are stepping up.


Tech to restore trust

The future of citizen services

“In the next couple of years, most government agencies will catch up in terms of resilience.”

Bob Osborn
Chief technology officer of global governments, ServiceNow

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Image of U.S. passport and American flag

How U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services integrates data across functions

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The future of IT adoption in government

7 tips to transform government services

7 tips to transform government services

Ebook about how digital workflows help to deliver unemployment benefits

Streamlining unemployment benefits

Ebook about how to modernize government IT services

Digitizing government

Customer stories

IDC analyst report exploring how manufacturers can use a digital platform to improve their operations

How the Department of Defense is transforming to meet intelligence challenges

Report on how the State of Tennessee centralized its IT operations

How the State of Tennessee centralized IT services


Aberdeen analyst report about digital customer service in manufacturing

Powering the five pillars of digital government with ServiceNow

ServiceNow ebook about the state of operational technology systems in digital mnaufacturing

How ServiceNow supports U.S. immigration requirements

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Maximizing IT workflows to deliver your agency’s mission