IT Service Automation Applications

Consolidate, Automate and Consumerize to Transform IT

Applications Summary

ServiceNow IT Service Automation applications evolve the service model so that IT can spend more time delivering innovative business solutions and less time managing infrastructure overhead. ServiceNow enterprise IT users can replace redundant processes and fragmented service systems with an application suite that utilizes a single data model. This provides a single system of record for IT. With ServiceNow, IT can consolidate legacy systems, automate manual tasks, and consumerize the user experience.

Benefits to Enterprise IT

IT organizations are tasked with delivering excellent service. But this task is difficult, if not impossible, when working with disconnected, outdated technologies and processes. Regardless of these impediments, the business demands better service and end-users are demanding a more consumerized service experience. And there is a constant drive to reduce costs. With ServiceNow IT Service Automation applications, IT can:

  • Make More Informed Decisions
    • Consolidate legacy, redundant IT service tools to a single system of record, creating actionable insight for all of IT
  • Accelerate Service Delivery
    • Standardize and globalize service processes across IT, increasing the speed of request fulfillment
  • Lower Costs
    • Implement lights out, zero-touch automation to replace manual and redundant tasks
  • Improve End-user Experience
    • Deliver an intuitive, mobile, consumer-like service experience for all users across the global enterprise
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