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Incident Management

Accelerate Service Restoration

Application Summary

ServiceNow Incident Management streamlines the process of restoring service following an unplanned disruption. Incident Management allows IT to capture incidents through a self-service portal, chat, email, phone and incoming events and prioritize them by business need. Incidents can be automatically routed to the appropriate group, complete with related records. Meanwhile, knowledge articles found in ServiceNow identify and document solutions and service level management keeps all work on track.


Benefits to Enterprise IT

Service disruptions happen in business every day – often resulting in lost revenue, reputation and customers. To minimize the negative impact of these disruptions, a combination of people, process and technology is needed to restore service quickly and get back to business. With ServiceNow Incident Management, IT can:

  • Restore Service Rapidly
    • Quickly determine the impact and potential cause of an incident with visibility into service relationships and configuration item health
    • Correlate incidents with the recent activities, such as changes, that may have caused them
    • Easily search for solutions and workarounds in the ServiceNow Knowledge Base
    • Restore service even faster with self-service password resets and pre-defined automated fixes for common issues using ServiceNow Orchestration
  • Centralize Major Incident Management
    • Improve resource coordination and communication using incident alerts to manage and track major issues
    • Provide updates to all service subscribers through email with built-in, subscription-based notifications
    • Enhance communications by bringing together all involved users through email subscriptions and live feeds
  • Improve End-user Satisfaction
    • Provide anywhere, anytime service support with built-in mobile access
    • Empower users to find answers and get help through an intuitive, self-service portal
    • Encourage collaboration and crowdsourcing with embedded social IT
  • Drive Service Improvement
    • Provide real-time transparency into operations with configurable, role-based dashboards
    • Identify service improvement and training opportunities with survey and knowledge article capabilities
    • Drive decision making by monitoring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) trends with ServiceNow Performance Analytics