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ServiceNow’s cloud-based solutions power the service-centered enterprise. Our advanced automation and process workflow capabilities provide a single platform for enterprise service management to automate. service relationships in IT and across the enterprise. With ServiceNow, IT can optimize their service model and evolve it to transform all enterprise service disciplines into highly proficient service providers.

IT executives rely on ServiceNow’s broad set of integrated cloud solutions for IT Service Management, IT operations management (ITOM), technology business management (TBM), service integration and management (SIAM), IT governance, and application development.

ServiceNow cloud-based solutions make it possible for organizations to deploy an enterprise-wide service model. ServiceNow solutions include one user interface, one code base, and one data model to create a single system of record. This means that IT, shared services, and lines-of-business can all leverage one system to define, offer, and manage enterprises services. With ServiceNow, IT can apply the mature IT service model or create custom applications to help enterprise service domains remove business friction and deliver a high impact service experience for all users.


IT executives from some of the largest global enterprises rely on the ServiceNow enterprise IT cloud to deliver a variety of integrated solutions across multiple product categories including service automation, IT operations management (ITOM), IT business management (ITBM), service integration and management (SIAM), IT governance, and application development.


  • Use a single system to automate and manage service relationships inside and outside the enterprise
  • Consolidate legacy, redundant IT service systems to a single system of record for IT
  • Standardize and globalize services processes across IT
  • Implement lights out, zero-touch automation to replace manual, redundant tasks
  • Deliver an intuitive, approachable, and consumer-like service experience for all users across the global enterprise
  • Optimize the IT service model and evolve it to automate enterprise shared services and line-of-business service delivery

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