Limit Downtime and Increase Business Performance

Not only do you need to reduce the number of service outages affecting your business, but also the time required to recover from outages. Manage business service performance proactively through a service‑aware CMDB, and you'll be able to catch issues and outages before they result in costly downtime.

Better understand the IT environment with insight into the impact of incidents, problems and changes, as well as financial resources, service availability and capacity management. IT can focus on more strategic initiatives to help grow the business, instead of fire fighting over service availability issues.

  • ServiceNow Consolidate

    Easily Detect & Diagnose Service issues

    Capture and correlate service and infrastructure events across multiple IT systems and monitoring tools

  • ServiceNow Enable HR

    Reduce Risks

    See the potential impact of planned changes on your business services

  • ServiceNow Standardize

    Restore Services Quickly

    Automatically remediate service issues

  • ServiceNow Elevate

    Reduce Cost and Overhead

    Automate remediation and reduce the frequency and severity of service issues

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