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CRASH COURSE | May 27, 2022

Managing a new era of cyber risk

Automation and digital strategies to help security leaders meet novel challenges

On the heels of a global pandemic, cybersecurity leaders face a growing number of supply chain attacks, ransomware threats, targeted cloud system breaches, and cybersecurity regulations—all on a less than adequate budget.

In this Crash Course, we highlight key strategies, technologies, peer insights, and a self-assessment to help security leaders manage risk as efficiently as possible.


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The future of security is automated

There aren’t enough security analysts to manage new threats. But automation can help.
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Risk management strategies for 2022

It’s becoming a top priority for all enterprise leaders, not just security chiefs
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Key trends and challenges facing today’s CISOs

Why most companies are playing catch-up on cybersecurity
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How prepared are you for new cyberthreats?

A self-assessment for security teams and other enterprise leaders


The current state of cybersecurity

Security breaches and budgets are both on the rise, according to new research
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