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CRASH COURSE | April 28, 2022

Supply chains get a digital makeover

Digital workflows can help ease what ails global logistics

Globalization and the digital revolution notwithstanding, many of the processes central to the shipment and delivery of goods remain firmly in the analog era—a glaring weakness that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed. Digital processes are the way forward.

This Crash Course shows how companies are modernizing global supply chains and investing in digital technologies that can better manage (and possibly prevent) future logistics crises.


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How manufacturers can digitize logistics

Industry experts weigh in on solutions to the global supply chain crisis.
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The Port of Montreal’s digital playbook

A conversation with port executive Daniel Olivier
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4 strategies to improve supply chain resilience

How organizations are using digital technology to hedge supply chain risks
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How manufacturers can meet the ESG challenge

Digital workflows can help track and manage ESG performance across the supply chain
Could digital twins help unsnarl global supply chains?


Could digital twins help unsnarl global supply chains?

AI-powered simulation models can replicate disruptions so managers can act quickly in a crisis.