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CRASH COURSE |  February 7, 2023

Creating a culture of innovation

Thriving innovation requires a combination of cultural transformation, change management, and skills development from businesses

There’s more to innovation than technology. In a recent survey, leaders reported that furthering innovation requires a focus on people and a delicate balance between talent cultivation and change management.

In this Crash Course, we delve into recent research that reveals the true drivers of robust innovation and discuss tools for businesses to harness talent and foster their own innovation culture.


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Leading successful innovation with culture

A new survey of C-suite executives reveals how companies are responding faster to change and fostering a culture of innovation.

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The characteristics of innovation

New research shows how leading organizations develop a culture of innovation.

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Change is hard

Tech transformation requires employee buy-in. Here’s how to earn it.

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Learning on the job

Cultivating innovation means encouraging knowledge workers to keep learning throughout their careers.


Mind the (IT talent) gap

Demand for skilled tech workers far outstrips supply, a problem exacerbated by digitalization.

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