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People. Innovation. Connections. They can make an enterprise great.

What does it take to make an enterprise great? These days, it’s empowering people, innovation, and connections. Tech visionary Dave Wright explores how a global soft drink maker, a major sports league, and a national coffee chain are using technology and operating excellence to ensure that their transformations are done right.


Here at ServiceNow, we like to say that we drink our own bubbles. That is to say that we use our own technology to solve problems. But we’re not just about technology. Really, what we do is focus on three things: people, innovation, and connection. The people part? Well, that’s a no-brainer. People make an enterprise great. And it’s important that we provide them with a great experience.

We work with one of the world’s largest beverage companies. And they knew that their employees were spending too much time doing these repetitive, menial tasks. So they needed something refreshing…so they popped open our platform and they saved their employees more than 1.5 million hours. So the important tasks could bubble up to the top.

Now speaking of bubbles, when one of our major sports partners need to shift their entire operation into a safe bubble so that they could play 172 games in 90 days, our platform’s what made their campus safe—by helping them screen more than 2,600 league staff, vendors, and guests.

No league or enterprise had done that before. And to pull it off required the right technology and a lot of ingenuity. In short, it needed innovation. And finally, connection. Our platform shouldn’t be viewed in a bubble. What makes it really pop is the ability to integrate with almost any system in your organization. Then the time a national coffee retailer put all the IT assets from six acquisitions into a single ServiceNow instance.

See, these are all related. The way you connect people fosters innovation and it adds up to a great experience. 

And that’s it. That’s our philosophy.

If you’re looking for something more complex, then… I’m sorry to pop your bubble.

People. Connection. And innovation are all you need for transformation done right.

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