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Change is all around

Not since the 1900s have transitions occurred so rapidly. As happened with the rise of mass production and Henry Ford’s assembly line, the way we think about working is shifting. Tech visionary Dave Wright explores how smart companies are riding the wave of change and doing transformation right.


Welcome to the new world of work. And if you haven’t noticed yet, we’re in a pretty significant moment of change. How significant? Well, it’s pretty big. You have to remember that these rapid transitions don’t happen often. For example, we used to mainly be farmers. So, back then, the sunrise kicked off the workday, and that lasted for a long time.

We worked like that all the way through the Industrial Revolution. And it wasn’t until the turn of the last century that the combination of mass migration, the emergence of labor unions, and the working practices of guys like Henry Ford shifted the way we thought about the working week. Here we are 120 years later, but we’re still working 9 to 5.

Now, with the global pandemic and the rise of digital workflow, we’ve entered a new era. An era where work can happen how, when, and where it needs to. Now, organizations have to think about things like sustainability and hyperautomation, hybrid workforces and the war on talent, if they want to thrive.

Now, I don’t know how long this era’s going to last, but I do know we’re not going back to the way it was. As leaders, we need to embrace this new world of work. And when we do, that’s transformation done right.


 The Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Workplace

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