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NADRO uses the Now Platform
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How do you ensure the availability of pharmaceuticals?

3 Months

To implement the ServiceNow solution

48 Hours

To register a new customer, down from 48 days


Faster processing times

78 years of history
NADRO is a Mexican company dedicated to the logistics and distribution of pharmaceuticals and personal care products. With more than 78 years of history, 27 clients nationwide, 14 branch offices, and more than 1,500 sales representatives, NADRO chose ServiceNow to reduce customer registration times and minimize operational silos.

Rethinking manual processes
With the pandemic, NADRO started rethinking its manual processes, looking at digitalization to optimize times and consumer experience, simultaneously unifying the work across different business departments. To register a client, sales representatives had to make multiple visits, from closing the deal to carrying documentation back and forth, taking up to 60 days for a file to work properly in the system.

With the objective of reducing manual processes and allowing commercial staff to focus on more relevant activities, NADRO decided to look for a solution that enabled the company to improve end user experience, maximize operational efficiency, horizontally scale features and tools, streamline business processes, and deploy dynamic workflows with a high availability configuration.

Implementation and start-up process
To address the digitalization needs within the company, NADRO started the Check-In project, focusing on time reduction. With the adoption of the Now Platform from ServiceNow, it took the company three months to implement a four-phase protocol (data capture, validation, execution, and system) that would allow it to unify formats, automate processes, and connect the company’s different departments to accelerate tasks and improve decision-making.

For data capture, the aim was to centralize access from digital channels both on the corporate website and in mobile apps and unify communications through the call center. Similarly, sales representatives were given endpoint devices and digital work order templates to attend requests or register new customers in a more flexible and fluid way. In addition, the validation stage was automated from the platform, reducing approval timeouts and decreasing the use of paper.

Throughout the execution and system stages, the different company departments had information visibility with safely stored data to carry out their activities simultaneously instead of doing it in a staggered manner.

“With these four channels that ultimately take you to the same destination, the ServiceNow technology can be completely asynchronous, and it allows us to restart the process at any point, regardless of the interface in which it was originated. Now we have the ease and flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients. We saw an opportunity to accelerate this process, make it more intuitive, and we have certainly improved it,” says Carlos Flores, Director of Innovation at NADRO.

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Mexico City, Mexico

We can announce that this project has turned out to be very successful because we cut down on processing times by 10x.

Carlos Flores

Director of Innovation


With the adoption of the Now Platform, NADRO has been successful in reducing customer registration time from an average of 48 days down to approximately 48 hours, significantly improving both the level of customer service and the quality of life of its collaborators by removing tedious manual processes and allowing them to focus on their main activities.

“Our goal also included ensuring the readiness and availability of pharmaceuticals in the country, avoiding delays in distribution caused by bureaucratic processes. Now we have more opportunities to go to market with our clients and we can focus on providing better attention instead of having to review documents or submit printed information. Today, we can announce that this project turned out to be very successful and it is a great advantage in our customer experience,” adds Carlos.

In addition, by accessing digitally available data NADRO optimized its business processes, decreasing silos across departments and migrating from a sequential job to a parallel operation that allows the business to be more efficient internally and more competitive in the market.

Future vision
After its experience with the Now Platform, NADRO has started the adoption process of two additional ServiceNow modules: Customer Service Management (CSM) and Risk Management.

CSM focuses on optimizing customer service even more, particularly in ticket resolution, connecting various data sources and processes. On the other hand, with the Risk Management solution the company looks for more efficient management and regulatory compliance, from health permits to audits.

“All of this comes from a digital transformation background, building on the need to adopt seemingly basic solutions that help people work more easily. We want to facilitate this in a way that is friendly, flexible, and always available for them. This is really the big challenge we are facing: to stop looking at ourselves as isolated departments, and make each collaborator focus on the things they know how to do best. At the end of the day, it helps us to improve not only the relationships with our customers, but also with the authorities, the rating agencies, and our employees,” concludes Carlos.

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