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Security Incident Response

Rapidly respond to evolving threats in your organisation, and bridge the gap between security and IT.

Benefits of Security Incident Response

Manage exposure to threats

Gain resilience with real-time views of your security posture. Prioritize incidents by business impact.

Enable fast, fluid response

Establish repeatable processes with automated workflows and standardised playbooks.

Resolve threats quickly

Empower your team to work on the most important tasks first. Collaborate and automate to drive results.

Features of Security Incident Response

Coordinate threat intelligence and incident response

Workflow management with Flow Designer

Standardise assignments and coordinate discovery, identification, and remediation across IT and security.

Get a centralized view of operations efficiency

Security operations efficiency dashboard

Get a centralised view of performance. Identify incident trends and stage analysis to reveal roadblocks.

Automate consolidation of threat intelligence

Phishing reporting and response

Speed time to resolution. Merge and prioritize incidents with automation and predictive intelligence.

Integrate security, intelligence, and SIEM solutions

Third-party security integrations

Coordinate response with solutions for SIEM, threat intelligence, and network and endpoint security.

SIEM solution with threat intelligence

How to get Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response is available with Security Operations. Identify, prioritize, and respond to threats faster.

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