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Service Operations Workspace

Predict, prevent and resolve incidents proactively when services are at risk of failing with clear visibility into context and impact.

Benefits of Service Operations Workspace

Eliminate incidents

Shift your Services and Operations teams from creating incidents to addressing actionable alerts.

Minimise service disruption

Ensure maximum uptime with instant problem identification, collaboration and resolution.

Support greater business productivity

Improve task focus and the overall employee experience with personalised, configurable views.

Features of Service Operations Workspace

Improve technology service operations with unified navigation

Unified navigation

Collect incidents, changes, alerts and log data to lift service and operation teams’ productivity.

Collaborate instantly across technology service operations and other teams


Collaborate across service operations and other teams instantly to resolve issues faster.

Smooth technology service operations via personalized navigation

Configurable interface

Personalise your instance based on critical alerts and incidents that impact services.

Support technology service operations with a UI builder

UI builder

Take advantage of a UI framework that supports theming, app configuration and development.

Additional features

Personalised UI

Let end users adjust display settings (e.g. compact mode) and colour themes (e.g. dark mode).

Modern visualisations

Use data visualisation styling to translate new and classic reports into one dashboard experience.

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